Saturday, July 28, 2012

A little bit of everything

First thing is TUSAL was due on the 19th of July and today is the 28th. A little late I would say. I have had the orts ready for a picture since the 20th and well who knows what happen to the time. So here is the over due picture.
July 19th TUSAL
Last weekend we had some of my husbands family back from Colorado for a family reunion. They came in on Thursday and left on Monday. Here are a few pictures of our weekend.
The big boys got in on the fun with there little cousins

Sitting on the deck and visiting

going for a ride on a wagon down to the river

My husband drove the tractor

I had lots of help doing my calf chores

My granddaugher bottle feeding one of the calves

on Sunday we had a family reunion picnic.

Just had to snap a picture of my furry friends
Sonny is 3 years old and the little one is 3 months old
Her name is Honey Bear, she is a Red Heeler.

Sharlee love to take a bath in my kitchen
sink even though she is 3 years old
and is a little big for the sink.

Well sorry no updates to show today. Haven't had much time to stitch lately.
Tuesday I had a dentist appointment, Wednesday I spent all afternoon visiting with a girlfriend that I went to school with. Thursday and Friday have been spent with the grandkids. I am hopeing to get some stitching in this weekend, but we will see what happens.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Happy Stitching

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Stuff

Sunday night my floor lamp that I use when I am stitching fell apart and my husband said he could not fix it and he threw it in the back of his pickup. So on Monday I headed to the big city to do some shopping for a new lamp, well while shopping I got a call from the sale barn (where I buy baby calves) and they said they had 27 baby calves at the auction, So I drove home and unloaded the car (and no floor lamp)headed up to sale barn and ended up buying 17 calves to bottle feed. I was exhausted at the end of the night. So Tuesday I get up and get all my chores done and head to the big city again because I just can't stitch with out a lamp. And here is what I got.
Creative / High Definition Natural Lighting
Got it at Joann's 50% off
 So I am back in business of stitching again but I think I am going to have to fight my DH for the use of that light because he really likes it too for his reading. So we will see who wins.

The next thing I have had a little while and can't remember where I got them but I am going to give them a try, and was wondering if any one else had tried them. They are called Thead Tux.

I am going to give these a try on my next project, the fabric is cut and floss is sorted and I plan on sitting a couple of hours and stitching when I get the post done. Please let me know if you have used them and what you thought of them. I liked the thought of not having to wind any bobbins my self.
Well I  am off to stitch before I have to go out and do chores and then make supper.
Have a good rest of the week everyone.
Happy Stitching

Monday, July 16, 2012

My 4th CJC 2012 completed

Cappuccino by LHN
32 ct Vintage Examplar from Lakeside Linen
used called for floss
Started Jan 1 2012  - CJC2012
Finished July 15 2012

I finished this yesterday morning and it was a  good thing that I did because last night I went to move my lamp that sits beside my stitching chair and it fell apart. I took it to my DH and asked him if he could fix it and he said no, not fixable, throw it in the trash. So I get to go shopping for a new lamp today.

Last week I had 3 of my grandkids here and decided to take them swimming in the little town we live by. Now this pool is not your normal city pools with all the chemicals added to it.
It kinda looks like a very small lake, they have lifeguards on duty during certain hours and they have it roped off where the kids can swim. They can have there toys and play in the sand. And I sat in the shade and read.
Granddaughter - Sharlee
I took them back to my place and as we are getting out of the car I told the boys when they change there clothes to make sure that they hung there swimming suits and towel on the clothes line. I start to unload the car and help Sharlee out and I look up to see both boys standing under the clothes line bare nake hanging there suit up. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants. Good thing we live in the country and can get by with these things. Oh and I did get a couple of pictures too show there parents.

Well I need to finish up the chores outside and then get ready to go shopping for that new lamp.
Have a great week everyone!
Happy Stitching

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lots to show you !

Well I didn't do any stitching while my cousins were here from Norway, But I have been making up some time since they have been gone. I started out working Blooming with Inspiration from Blue Ribbon Design.
This is as of 5/20/2012
As of today 7/8/2012
I am working on the final 2 pages of this sampler and as you can see I have not put my initials and date in the bottom area yet, I will do that last so that I have the correct year in there. I am hopeing it will say 2012. At the rate that I am going it should be done this year.

OK next up is Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler by With thy Needle & Thread.
As of June 18th 2012

As of today 7/8/2012

Full picture as of today 7/8/2012
Then yesterday I decided to work on another one of my CJC 2012  starts:
Cappuccino by LHN
Started Jan 1, 2012
I put 457 stitches in it that day and have not touched it until yesterday and this is how it looks this morning.
As of this morning another 512 stitches in it.
I will continue with this one until it is completed because it is so close to being done.

Well its time to go sit my butt in my chair and do some stitching.
Thank goodness for the cooler weather now if we could have a little rain that would make our farmers sooo happy.
I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend, mine has been quite and relaxing so far.
Happy Stitching

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