Sunday, September 29, 2013

Finished some Finished Stitching

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!

My DH let me sleep in this morning, he made coffee and out the door he went and I am not sure where he was off too. Sleeping in to me is 7:00 am but is still feels good getting an extra hour of sleep. I couldn't sleep to late because I have chores out side to do. At the moment I have only one little baby calf to feed and my chickens to take care of but they need me to take care of them.

On Thursday rather than stitch I decided to finish up some finished stitching, So here are a few pictures.
First up is something I stitched a very long time ago and has been sitting in finish box with a whole lot of other finished pieces.

I did this piece so long ago that I don't remember who the designer is or what material and floss I used. but for some reason I think it came all kitted up. Oh well its framed and hanging in my kitchen.

Next up was:

This was a traveling pattern that I participated in  I finished stitching it in Sept 2012.

I do not know what this piece is called. The pattern came out of the back of one of Monica Ferris's books that I read, and I am not sure which one it was. The Second picture is of the back of the pin keep.

Welcome October by Brenda Gervais
This piece I just finished at the beginning of Sept 2013.

And the last piece I worked on was Happy Fall
I am still working on this one, the green ric rak is not glue down yet and I need to find some buttons or something for the corners. Still a work in progress.

Yesterday and this morning I have been working on We Three Kings again. 
Here is what it looks like as of this morning.
One King almost done except for the beads, they will be put on when all the cross stitching is done. 

Ok I think this blog post is just about long enough and hope you all enjoyed all the pictures and that I didn't bore you too much.

Happy Stitching

Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

Happy Blogoversary Cathey !!!!!!
Many Hugs, Laughter, Prayers, Hope, Good Thoughts and Love to you and your family!

Happy Stitching

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A fall finish

Good Morning Everyone!
Yesterday morning I finished another small piece. I actually started it on Monday evening. Right before heading to bed I realized that I had just stitched 144 stitches in the wrong color. Thought about leaving it and fudging it but in the end I frogged all my work and restarted this piece on Tuesday morning, and finished it up on Wednesday morning before I went to work at noon.
I plan to finish this piece into a pinkeep for my fall basket.

This was a quick and easy piece to stitch up.
You can find this freebie HERE
I had originally found it on pinterest.

My DH saw me working on this and his statement to me was "at least its not a Christmas ornament and fits the season and that its to early for Christmas stuff." my responds was I stitch Christmas stuff all year round. Silly Man!!!

Yesterday morning my oldest daughter and granddaughter came over to have coffee with me. Jill works a job with rotating shifts and  she had just got done working a 7pm- 7am shift. She had to stay awake until she took her daughter to preschool. So we talked for a while then I went in the other room to do some laundry and this is what I came back too.
Jill had fallen asleep and Sharlee was watching The Wizard of Oz. So I let her sleep until it was time to get Sharlee ready for school. I would hate to have her work schedule.

I think rather than stitching this morning I am going to head up stairs and finish up some pin keeps and Christmas ornaments, so I may have another post on the way today or tomorrow.

Well that's about it for me today. 
Happy Stitching

Monday, September 23, 2013

One more WIP is finished!!!!

Good afternoon everyone! 
Oh this is perfect weather we are having! I wish it was like this year round.

This morning before I left for the dentist I finished Beneath The Sunlit Sky. This was purchased in 2007 from a small shop that closed up many moons ago. I remember she had one on display and that is what caught my eye.
Beneath the Sunlit Sky
by Blackbird Design
I am not sure what the fabric is but I am going to guess it the called for 28 ct Sea Fog by R&R Reproductions
and I used the called for GA floss
Started sometime in 2007
Finished 9/23/2013

Well there you go - 3 finishes in one months time and I still have a week to go.
Not sure what I will work on next. I am thinking about doing a fall freebie that I found on pinterest or I might work on We Three Kings. I will see what I feel like this evening.

The second weekend in October my oldest daughter, niece and I will be going to Lake Shetek for a stitching retreat with about 35 other ladies. It will be fun to spend time together with everyone.

Well that's about all for today
Happy Stitching

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A small Christmas finish

Good Morning Everyone!
We just had a thunderstorm roll though, lasted about 10 minutes and we got an inch of rain and stuff blown all over the place. Some places got hail but we miss it! Thank goodness!!!!

Last week I was thinking about Christmas ornaments and realize I had not stitched any for a long time. So I grabbed my new Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament 2013 and found 8 ornaments that I would like to do. The first one I did was 2013 Santa.
I was going to show you my progress a couple of days ago but never got around to it.

 2012 Santa
Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2013
by Charlette's Collectibles - Charlette Dockens
14 ct  Preforated Plastic
Called for DMC Floss
Started - 9/13/13
Finished - 9/18/13

Has anyone else done any ornaments out of this Christmas Issue yet?

Here is an updated picture of Beneath the Sunlit Sky that I have been working on.
I have removed the 2007  and will be replacing it with 2013.

On Friday my DH got a new toy to play with this fall.

If you didn't know - this is a Combine which he uses to take the corn and beans out of the fields. We have always had one but it was much smaller so he figured it was time to upgrade. He is one happy guy!

And on Saturday I went and watched my grandson play football. He is only in the fifth grade but it was fun watching him any way. He plays center.

Well that is about all for today!
Happy Stitching

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Work In Progress (WIP)

Good Evening Everyone!
I planned on doing this post Friday morning but my DD1 texted me that she and my granddaughter were coming over in the morning so I wouldn't be able to play on the computer like I do most mornings :(

After I finished Welcome October I dug around and found another WIP from my Crazy January Challenge 2012 that I need to work on. (actually there are 6 that are not completed) Well the one that caught my eye was .........
The Best Things by Waxing Moon Designs
I started it on Jan 4, 2012 and put 347 stitches in it. It has not seen the light of day since I took it out Sept. 3, 2013. I worked on it Tuesday and Wednesday and this is what it looks like now.
The border and half of the mauve heart was done on the 4th of January the rest I completed on Tue & Wed.  Then this morning I am up digging around my sewing room looking for my fall decorations that I completed last year. But alas I got distracted and started looking at patterns, kits and other stuff when I came across an old WIP.
Beneath the Sunlit Sky by Blackbird Designs
The wording on this says
The Sea appears all golden
Beneath the Sunlit Sky
I put my DH and my initials in the upper corners and as you can see I stitched 2007 in the lower part. I have not decided if I am going the remove it and replace it with 2013 or not. What do you think? Should I or not? Please let me know what you think.
I work on it for a little while today and got about 300 stitches done so this is how it looks now
And I think this will be my next finish!
Well its almost 11:00 pm so I better get my butt to bed!
(no it is 11:00 pm now)

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finished Welcome October

Good Morning Everyone!
Another beautiful morning here in South Dakota! It is actually a little chilly at 52 degrees but I still have all my windows open and airing my house out. Love this fall like weather! 
Yesterday I sat on my bum all day long and did nothing but stitch! I had the house to my self and loved it, my DH even order pizza for supper so I didn't even have to cook. Ya Me!!!!.
I completed about 800 stitches yesterday and here is a picture of my finish
Freebie   -  Welcome October 2009
by Brenda Gervais - With Thy Needle & Thread
I used 32 ct linen from stash
I used called for DMC floss
Started Nov. 1, 2011
Picked it up again on Aug. 31, 2013
Finished on Sept. 2, 2013

Sorry for the short post but that is all I got today! 
I need to get some house work done today beings I sat all day yesterday.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Holiday!

Happy Stitching

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