Friday, June 29, 2012

I am Back!

Life is back to being a little bit like normal.
Normal, what is normal any more?

I really had a great weekend, lots of friends and relatives.
Thursday night we picked up 2 second cousins from the airport.
I stayed with both Ivar & Erling when I visited Norway in 1993
The other 2 in the picture are my aunt and cousin.

We spent time sitting around talking and laughing.
We showed them our farm and let them drive our old tractors and our bigger tractors
Ivar driving

Erling driving the 4850.

Then on Saturday night they went and watched my husband at a tractor & pickup pull which they had never seen done before. And on Sunday we had a family picnic, lots of good food and lots of pictures taken.

My husband , my oldest daughter and granddaughter
Oldest family member (88 years old)
Youngest family member (3 months)

Nephew Kyle, BIL Duane & Nephew Craig
(Chrissy I put this one on here for you)

On the stitching front there has not been much, Tuesday I started this LK ornament and finished it last night.

I had done 7 of them last year
I have 4 left to do and hope to have all 12 hanging on my tree this year.

Well thats about all for now,
 I have to get ready and go meet my Aunt in Sioux Falls for lunch
and catch up with her.
Everyone stay cool, its really hot here in SD
Happy Stitching

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tag your it!


I have been tagged by More Than Just Cross Stitchin - Bonnie, Tracey, Jody, & Anita.

 The Rules:

  • Post these rules.
  • You must post 11 random things about yourself.
  • Answer the questions set for you in their post.
  • Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

1. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever confessed to eating for breakfast?
Bonnie: Two fruit servings – Orange juice and Peach Schnapps.

Tracey: Shreddies along with Homemade Skor Bars.

Anita: Original Mini Wheats along with Reeces Peanut Butter Cups.

Jody: Cold, left over asparagus.

What’s your answer?          Cold leftover Chicken or Pizza

2. When shopping, what aisle do you gravitate to first?

Bonnie: Home Décor unless distracted by Bling.

Tracey: Books and magazines.

What’s your answer?         I start on one side and make my way around the store - don't want to miss anything.

3. What is the most recent book you’ve read?

Tracey: 50 Shades of Grey.

Anita: 50 Shades of Grey.

Jody: 50 Shades of Grey.

Bonnie: 30 Shades of Grey – I’m not done yet.

What’s your answer?        I'm with Bonnie - I am only half done with Shades of Gray.

4. Who is your favourite movie star dream guy/gal?

Tracey: Johnny Depp.

Anita: Richard Gere.

Jody: Robert Downey Jr. Bonnie: Colin Firth, Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives, Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs; Bonnie is greedy!!

What’s your answer?     Matt Damon from Bourne Identity

5. Do you file your patterns by Designer, Alphabetically or by Category?

Bonnie: Who files??

Tracey: Mainly by category, unless it’s a series.

Anita: Ditto to Tracey.

Jody: Ditto to Anita.

What’s your answer?  I'm with Bonnie again - who files??

6. Do you stick to the pattern when stitching or change it up?

Bonnie: I tend to change it up.

Tracey: hmmmmm 9 times out of 10, I”ll stick to the pattern.

What’s your answer?     I stick to the pattern

7. Would you ever want to try your hand at designing?

Bonnie: Why yes of course.

Tracey: Perhaps…

What’s your answer?  I think it would be fun to try it once.

8. Do you tend to stitch more or less in the summer months?

Bonnie: Less. I spend more time in the gardens.

Tracey: Definitely less! The gardens always seem to be calling my name.

What’s your answer?       I don't have a garden but I seem to have more activities so it would have to be definitely less.

9. Have you ever attended a stitching retreat?

Bonnie: Yes, at Brentwood on the Beach with the Stitching Sisters and soon to be at a cozy cabin in the woods.

Tracey: Ditto

Anita: Ditto

Jody: Ditto

What’s your answer?    Yes quite a few but not in the last couple of years. thinking about going to one this fall.
10. If money wasn’t an issue and you had the opportunity to choose from one or the other, would you totally renovate your home and stay, or move.

Bonnie: I would move to a one level home. (with a pool and lazy river)

Tracey: I would pick my house up and move it to the country. Is that an option?Bonnie: No Tracey, that is not an option.

What’s your answer?     Move!!!! We live in the Flood plain so we get flooded out of our house every few years ( last year twice.) Not Fun!

11. Do you track the hours you spend on a stitching project?

Bonnie: Not always, but I did for a special gift. I tracked it as 197 hours.

Tracey: I used to... I just don’t care anymore. I finish when I finish.

What’s your answer?      Sometimes I keep track of the hours spent. But I like to keep track of the number of stitches for each project.

My eleven choices are as follow - sorry if you have been tagged already its hard to keep track of who has been already tagged.

Melissa - St John Stitcher
Angie - Lovie Dew Stitchery
Cole - Something for me
Teresa S - At  Willow Tree Pond
Mckenna C - Chic Crafting
Autumn - The Whisper of Autumn
Tammy - I Want to do one more Stitch
Heather - Heathers Cottage
Heather - Heather's Stitching Story
Lauren P - Ambitious Stitcher
Teresa - Quite & Relaxation

Now for my 11 questions

1) Do you have a special place to stitch?  In my recliner next to the window
2) At what age did you start stitching?  I was 26 when I started cross stitching but I had been sewing and crafting since I was a teen.
3)What are you currently reading? 50 Shades of Gray
4) What do you do for a living? I live and work on a 400 acre farm. Raise baby bottle calves and chickens.
5) If you could change your work profession what would you do? I don't think I would change anything that I have done in the past or right now.
6) What is your favorite stitching designer or piece that you have worked on?  Metamorphosis by Ink Circle.
7) Are you a cat lover or dog lover? I love my dogs
8) What is your favorite holiday to stitch for.  Christmas by far!
9) What is your favorite season on the year? I love fall
10) What is you favorite comfort food? Meatloaf and baked potatoes
11) If you are married , how long have you been married? I am married and have been for 33 years.

There you go, can't wait to see your answers.
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June - TUSAL

Just a quick post to show my TUSAL for June.
Sorry about the picture not the best in the world.
No picture of progress because I have not done any stitching since the last post.
Happy Stitching

Monday, June 18, 2012

A busy week ahead

Good morning everyone.
Another busy week ahead of me, so there won't be much stitching going on in my house.
Today I am heading to Mitchell SD to pick up a motor for my DH's pulling truck (aka Lost Cause). This is a 1 1/2 hour drive there and another 1 1/2 hour drive back home.
Tomorrow I have new tires put on my car. A dentist appointment at 1:30 and a meeting to certify our crop acres at the county office at 3:30, so another day shot in the ass.
Wednesday and Thursday will be spent cleaning house because I have 2 second cousins coming from Norway. I have meet them once before in 1993 when I visited Norway with my aunt, grandma and my oldest daughter. It will be fun having them as guest in my house for a few days, then they will head up to MN for a while. They will be staying with me from Thursday night until Monday morning. We are planning some site seeing stuff and a family reunion on Sunday. Oh and also my DH has 3 pickup pulls this weekend also.

OK on to the stitching stuff. Here is what I have been working on this last week:

On my BoaF Sampler I got the roof, windows and door in and one and a half sheep done.

Then I started and finished stitching on a new piece called Patriotic Heart 2011 - Quaker style. I saw it on Karen's Handiwork blog and thought it was so cute.
I stitched this up on 25 count white Luguna - I know the picture it looks like blue but it really is white.
and I used DMC floss to stitch it. I am not sure how I am going to finish it but that will have to wait until my house guest have gone.

I need to get on the road so I can get my running around done for today.
I hope everyone has a great week ahead of them
Happy Stitching

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some awesome giveaways

Teresa from Willow Tree Pond is having the most wonderful giveway, she is celebrating 300 followers. Hop on over and check it out.(HERE) There are several awesome sampler patterns she is giving as the prize.

DixieSampler is also having a giveway called 2012 Summer Splash Giveaway. You can find her HERE
Happy Stitching

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Progress Report & She Has a Name

Hello everyone! Its a warm one here today. I got up early this morning to get all my chores done while it was cool out. Fed & Watered the dogs and chickens. Finished mowing the yard. Washed DH's work clothes and hung them on the clothes line. Did my supper dishes from last night. Then went to town and got my groceries and was home with the everything put away by 10:00. Then sat on the deck for awhile and watched my dogs play.
Our 3 year old - Sonny and our new addition
6 weeks old - Honey Bear
Thats right we named her Honey Bear but will just call her Honey for now. She is a red heeler. She is getting use to being crated when we are unable to watch her, and does not wince so much anymore.

I can not believe it but I did not get on my computer at all yesterday. No Facebook, No Pinterest, No games, and no Blogger. I am making up for it this afternoon. Already been on here for about 3 hours and still have more to read.

Yesterday I got a lot of stitching time in,(beings I wasn't on the computer) so I need to show you my progress on BoaF.
My last update on this piece was 9/14/2011
Birds of a Feather Mystery sampler
by Brenda Gervais

From my last update I had only done the top line of the alphabet. And now I only have X,Y,&Z left to do. Got the little hill done and started on the house. Planning on getting the house done today, then we will see how I feel from there. 

Sharlee in the puppy crate
Her brothers had hauled the crate down to the garden hose and rinsed it out and when they brought it back to the house they had Sharlee in it. She was having fun going for a ride in it.

Well I thing it time to put a few stitches in.
Have a great weekend everyone

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A little stitching, A lot of running around and a new puppy

OK where do I begin? I have been planning on sitting down and posting for the last couple of days and I kept putting it off soooo...... here goes.

First thing I have not been stitching a whole lot, a little here and there, but I did finish my May ornament.
Baked Goods by Little House Needlework's
30ct R&R Linen - Old Mill Java
and recommended threads.
Heres the deal on this I started it on May 20th and finished it on June 1st. This is the only thing I worked on the whole time. I spent about 10 hours total on it and put in about 1340 stitches, so as you can see not much stitching has been going on. Where has my time been spent you ask, well we are having a family reunion in a couple of weeks and my sister is doing the organizing of it and she has asked for a little help and I have been organizing my family history stuff and printing it out for everyone to have a copy. We also have a couple of cousins coming from Norway at the same time and they will be staying with us, so extra special cleaning is necessary.
I ran across some DVDs at Sam's Club last week and I had read a lot of blogs that had mentioned them, they are called Downton Abbey. I bought the first season on Thursday, when I got home and got everything put away I started watching it (3 disc). Finished watching the last of the 3rd disc on Friday morning. Decided I just had to have Season 2 right away and ran back to Sams Club and bought it. I finished season 2 Friday evening. I never even stitched while it was playing, I tried I really did but I was so into watching this show I kept finding my stitching just sitting on my lap.

My DH laid the last of the concrete on Saturday morning for his new shop.
Laying concrete in front of big doors

laying concrete in front of little doors

we had to write in the cement of course

Sunday I had to help serve breakfast after Mass. for the Catholic Daughters group that I belong too. We served scrabbled eggs, ham, fresh fruit and muffins. There was a very good turn out and we all done cleaning up by 10:30. After I got home I decided that I needed to get some mowing done up at our shop area so I headed up there for a couple of hours, which turned into 5 hours and one hell of a sunburn later. But it got done and my brother in law helped me by moving the junk out of the way, see my DH collects old car and stuff and then it just sits there.
Monday I ran errands for everyone in my family (except for DD1) then it was my turn and I went it and got a mani-pedi. Oh do my feet feel good now!!!! Yesterday I stayed home all day and caught up on my laundry, did some stitching on Birds of a Feather by With thy Needle & Thread. I started this one last year, and I'm hopeing to compete it next. Sorry no picture yet but in my next post.

And last but not least my DH got a new puppy last night. It is a Red Heeler, and she is just weaned off of her mother.
We have not named her yet

Sonny (who is almost 3)
doesn't seem to mind having her
OK that is about it for now. My DH just called and I have to run a motor to Mitchell and drop it off for him. That's an hour drive there and an hour drive back, so if I go now I can be back before it get too warm outside.
Have a great rest of the week!
Happy Stitching

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