Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Good Morning Everyone!
Since my last post life got a little sad and busy around here. 
On the 5th my Sister in Law passed away suddenly at the age of 47. Her husband (my brother in law) took this very hard. We helped him through the funeral and now we are helping him clean out of the house they had shared. She had become a Hoarder in the last few years. We have spent the last 2 days cleaning and going through all the stuff, and we are still not done. I am taking the day off to get caught up with stuff around here. The real sad part is that her daughter is due to have a baby in the next month or so. 
Life keeps moving on!

Before this all started I did get some stitching done and a piece started.
Freebie - aliolka.blogspot
40 ct Wisteria/ Lakeside Linen
DMC Silk - S5200 white & S800 Lite blue
Started 10/30/13
Finished 11/06/13

I finally got my order of floss so I was able to finish this next piece.
Freebie found on pinterest - e-subrosa.blogspot.com
28 ct evenweave antique white
Sampler thread - Soot
Started 10/18/13
Finished 11/07/13

Then I started another Christmas Ornament from the last ornament magazine.
Hope for the Holidays
Primrose Needlework

I  hope to get some stitching in today but we will see what I get accomplished.
Well I am up to 11 baby calves so I better get dressed and go out and feed them.

Happy Stitching

Monday, November 4, 2013

Loving the fall weather!

Good Morning Everyone!
This past week has been very busy, lots of stuff going on.
Did everyone have a nice Halloween? Here on the farm we don't get Trick or Treaters, but the grandkids always come out to show us their costumes, here are a few pictures.
She told everyone that she was a glitter witch.
They got lots of candy and treats and had a great time.

Saturday they had a Vendor/Craft Show in our small home town and this is my awesome purchase.

Is this not the cutest birdhouse ever I just love it. 
I have it right out side my dining room window.

I finally got the thread that I ordered so that I can finish up the freebie that I showed you on my last post called Witch. I will post a picture when its completed.

I did work on We Three King and here is an update as of Oct 30, 2013

I did put this one away for a while so I could work on some other things

First of all I seen this on Pinterest and I just happen to have some bandana's on hand so I gave it a try. Now I just need to find some material to use for backing and it will be used as a lap quilt. Cute idea don't you think, and it was so easy!

Then I started another freebie I found.
Designer unknown but it came from aliolka.blogspot.
I am using 40ct Wisteria and I am using DMC Silk 5200 and Silk 800
I started it on 30 Oct, 2013.

Well that's about it for updates today. Now I am just waiting for the mail man to get here with my new phone. The one that I am using is having some issues with the speakers and I'm not always able to answer it. So I hope this new one works better.

Have a great week!!!
Happy Stitching

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