Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Start and Finish

This pattern is from Just Cross Stitch 2010 Christmas Issue
Primrose Needleworks
Windows of Faith, Hope, and Peace
I used the recommended fabric and thread.
I plan on finishing as a pillow-ornament

I started this piece on Thrusday evening and finished stitching it on Monday evening. I planned on being done sooner than that but with having to go to graduation for my niece on Saturday and my husbands first truck pull of the season on Sunday I had to take a couple of days off from stitching. Here are a couple of pics of the truck & tractor pull and some of my family.

His Truck is called Lost Cause

This has been our family summer fun time for the past 6 years

This is my son pulling his M International

This is my oldest daughter holding her daughter (aka my granddaughter)

Well its time to get supper in the oven so it gets done before the husband gets home from work. I think I like this staying home thing. I have lots of time for my computer and stitching and a little cleaning.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend!
 Happy Stitching everyone!!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Time to post an update on what is going on in my life. Last Friday (5/20/11) Started out bad and then just got progressively worst. The worst part was that I got let go from my job that I had for 8 years. And didn't see it coming. So since then I have been in an adjustment mode. I do like being at home and spending the afternoons with my dogs who have been trying to figure out what I am doing home all day but are enjoying the attention. The other thing that I have been doing is cleaning places that don't normally get cleaned very often. finding things that I had forgotten I had and things that I don't know why I kept. I have been doing a lot of throwing out. Yaaa more space !!
I found a box of old pictures so last night I sat and looked thru them. Most of them are from when my 3 children were growing up, brought back lots of memories.
I have been getting some stitching done but not as much as I thought I would be doing since I'm not working but may be after I get  some of this cleaning done I will spend more time on it. hopefully next post I will have some pic to post.

Until next time  Happy Stitching

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Start & Finish

This was a freebie that I found in my stack of print outs. Its called Nordic Blue and it is stitched on 14 count huck towel. the pattern came from Cross-Stitch & Needlework. It was quick and easy and only calls for 3 DMC colors. This one will stay in my home, planning on hanging it in my bathroom as a decoration.

I had a house full of kids this weekend so the stitching was limited to after hours when everyone else was sleeping. On Sunday I spent the day cleaning up the mud that the kids tracked in, and the dishes, and the laundry, but managed to get some stitching in.

My sister came over and we went over to a friends and picked rhubarb,can't wait to make a rhubarb crisp with what we pick. YUMMY. We also dug one of the plants up to transplant so we can start our own patch of rhubarb for next year.

Until next time - Happy Stitching everyone!!!!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

progress report

As you can see I have gotten some done on my Woodland Enchantress but not as much as I would like to have done by now. 4 weeks with the In-Laws gave me plenty of time to work on it, now that I am back at home, not so much!
Tonight I won't have a chance to stitch :( I have a Catholic Daughters Meeting and then I suppose I should spend a little time with the husband as today is our 32nd Wedding Anniverary. Where does the time go?
I better get back to work now.
Happy Stitching everyone

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

Time to catch up on all the blogs that I read and update you on my Mothers Day Weekend!

In my last blog I mentioned that it was my nieces birthday and that her mother was going down to see her and I surprised my homesick niece and went to Pella,Iowa with my sister. We left Friday morning and got down there after lunch. We sat the rest of the day and visited and checked out Chrissy's new house.

The town of Pella was having there Tulip Time Festival going on over the weekend so on saturday we walked around the venders, the flower shows, the quilt show, we saw people wearing Dutch costumes,they had several parades and of course we had to stop at the bakery for Dutch Letters - YUMMY!!!! we did a lot of walking and the weather was gorgeous

Sunday we left Pella and got home about 6:00pm, oh and what a surprise I had waiting for me. My husband had painted my bathroom & hung a new shower rod. But it didn't stop there he had pork loins, potatoes and baked beans for supper. The sad part of the day was I didn't get to see my 3 kids on Sunday but they all called & talked to me.

Here are some pictures I took while I was in Pella,Iowa.

These are just a few of my favorite pics, as you can see there were tons of tulips everywhere you went.

One last surprise that I got was on Monday while I was at work someone delivered these beautiful yellow roses to me. They were my mothers day gift from my daughter Kay, She knows how I love yellow roses.
Well I did manage to get a little cross stitching in over the week end but I will have to post pictures of them later I need to get to work now.
I hope every one is enjoying the beautiful weather

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update today, I made this little pin cushion for my niece, she is also a cross stitcher and was my stitching buddy until she moved 5 hours away. We still talk and keep up on our lastest projects. Tomorrow is her birthday so I hope her mother will take this to her when she goes to visit this weekend. Happy Birthday Chrissy. I love and miss you!
I should also mention that I got this idea from a fellow blogger but can't remember which blog it was.
Thank you for the great idea.

Take time to do some stitching and relax!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

I think Spring is Here

I Think spring is here now! It official here on this farm when the calves just start appearing all over the place. Its fun to watch them run and play together. We usually have baby chicks but with the flood and all we have put that on hold because we don't have a place to put them at this time.

Our 8 year old grand son decided to test the waters with his 3 wheeler. This is in a field next to our house. He got it stuck and worked for quiet awhile on his own to get it out. He finally had to come ask his uncle TJ to help him get it out.

I have been trying for a long time to get a good picture of our 1 year old German Shepperd mix dog (I wanted to call him our puppy, but as you can see he is no puppy) His name is Tank and we rescued him from a shelter. He is so good with kids and he doesn't even knock our 2 year old granddaughter over but he loves to lick her face.

And this is our 3 year old Sonny and he loves to sleep on our old picnic table

On the Cross Stitching Note - Oh ya I haven't gotten much stitching done lately with moving back home and cleaning things up and calving season here and grandkids here and is that enough excuses.Hopfully this week I will be able to sit in the evening and get some x's in.

Happy stitching everone

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