Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Family Weekend

This is a seriously over due update!
Have done some stitching but not as much as I had wanted.
No Lizzie Kate updates, Friday I will get another
Christmas Blessing done. ( that's my goal, anyway)

The beginning of last week I was still dealing with my bronchitis.
Went to the Dr. again on Tuesday, they gave me steroids and stronger
antibotics, since then I have gotten better but still have little cough,
mostly clearing my throat type cough.

Wednesday found me packing for our camping trip with the whole family.
We camped from Thursday until Sunday afternoon.
Was a beautful weekend until Sunday morning
a thunderstrom blew thru.
My husband & I had a trailer camper we were staying in and our
Kids & Grandkids were in tents besides us.
they all ended up in our camper to wait it out

There was 6 adults and 7 little ones  in a very small space

The only night that I cross stitched was Friday night.
All the rest of the adults were drinking by the fire
and the little ones were sleeping
So I stayed up until 2am stitching this:

I found this pattern on, it was a free pattern
thought it was kinda cute.
And I have not stitched since then :(

The place where we were camping also had a flea market set up there,
so I couldn't resist going a doing a little shopping.
Found a flower frog for my niece - she has been wanting one for a while now.
I also found 4 packages of unopen fabric, 3 were 25 count and 1 was 18 count
I spent $9.00 on all 4 of them. What a deal!

I have joined the Crazy January 2012 challenge.
This should be a lot of fun, I have been following the 2011 challenge,
and seen a lot of fabulous stitching.
Minna has crated a yahoo group ( here )

The rules are simple:

Start stitching a new design everyday from
Jan 1, to Jan 15
so by Jan 15th you have 15 new WIPs to stitch.

Then try to finish everything you started stitching during the year 2012

How fun is that!!!!!!!!!

Still have a bunch of blogs to read and get caught up on,
thats next on my list to do, right after I switch out the washer
and dryer. ( still trying to get the laundry caught up)

Hopefully I will have more stitching updates by the weekend.
Happy Stitching everyone!

Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Give away

Carolyn at Just One More Stitch is having a give away of quilting fat quarters you get your choice of purple or yellow fabric. Please check her

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Only A Little Stitching Here

Here is a quick update on what I have been working on which hasn't been as much as I wanted. I have been fighting with Bronchitis for the past couple of weeks and I am still coughing alot yet. I have another Dr. appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully they can get me on the mend.

First up is someting I won in a giveaway from Jill, I just loved it and ordered the colors it called for and got started on it. As you can see I changed the initials to d a  instead of b a and changed year from 2009 to of course 2011. I really love the colors in this piece and can't wait to finish it up. I already have the crushed walnuts to fill it with.

The next up is from Lizzie Kate - 12 Christmas Blessings. This is the second blessing that I have completed. I intend to finish them into small ornaments.

Well I hope everyone has a great Sunday! I plan on sitting and getting some more stitching done. Not sure what I feel like working on yet but I need to get to work on some of my WIPs.

Happy Stitching

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Finish

Just a quick post to show you my finished finish.

Merry Christmas (Freebie)
by Log Cabin Needleworks
I finished stitching it on July 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mail Time

Yesterday after I got home from running errands
I check the mail box and it was full
and every thing in it was for me!!!

The first big package was from Teresa (Quiet & Relaxation Blog)
I won her give away.

I got: Lizzie Kate - Home is Where Our Story Begins
Some size 26 needles and needle keeper
a 9"x19" piece of fabric
and a cute pillow with bees on it.
Thank you so much Teresa!

Then I had ordered some stash from 123 Stitch

And then there were the magizines that came

So I fun last night looking through my new magazines
I have already decided which ornaments I am going to do first.

I better get some house work done so I can sit and stitch this afternoon
Happy Stitching

Monday, August 8, 2011

Some Progress

Just a couple of quick pics of the progress I made last week on my
BoaF Mystery Sampler

I have not had to do much frogging on this one since my last post.
 So I am hopeing I got rid of him once and for all!

Friday started our Lizzie Kate SAL
and I choose to do the
12 Christmas Blessings.
Here is what I got finished on Friday

This afternoon after I get all my errands done I am hopeing
to get some ornaments made. And then I will post more pics.

Got to get my butt moving so I can get back here to my stitching.

Happy Stitching everyone

Monday, August 1, 2011

This That and Other Things

I just had the best supper ever
It was not a 5 course meal,
but you can't beat comfort food like mom's meatloaf and home grown sweet corn.

This afternoon when I got home from watching my 3 grandkids I checked our mail and seen that I had recieved a package from Jill, It was a giveaway that I had won. Look at all the neat things that I got.

These 5 beautiful Crescent Colours

Small Token pincushion from Blackbird Designs
(I already kitted this up to do)

and this cute needle keep with popicles on it

I also got a self stick note pad and not sure what happened to the picture I took.

Last week I stitched on two projects
the first one I have been working on for a while,
but I had to keep frogging so I have not gotten very far on it.

This is the Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler
and I started on part 2 as you can tell.
I am hopeing the rest goes smoothly and not much frogging.

The next piece I finished stitching is

Merry Christmas (freebie) by Log Cabin Needleworks
I stitched it on 28 count Linen with DMC floss
I found this pattern on Andrea's blog (The Craft Room)
She also has posted the instructions on how to finish it, which
I plan to do. There is also a Noel christmas ornament
that I have ready to do.

I am not sure how much stitching I am going to accomplish this week because I am watching 3 of my grandkids this week as there babysitter is on vacation. Oh well there is always next week, right.

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