Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Thanksgiving Week

Just a quick post before my granddaughter gets here to spend the day.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving! Our meal was on Friday
So the girls could go to there in-laws for the
Thanksgiving day.
Thursday night we left to start shopping for black friday.
we started at walmart and went to Target & Kohl.
The lines were long (45 min wait)but I did get some
good deals and a lot of christmas shopping done!
Our group got home about 3:30, we slept
for a couple of hours and then it was up to get our
Thanksgiving dinner going.

This was the second time that I went Black friday shopping
but I think the girls are going to leave me home next time.
They seem to think I slow them down a little.
It really is not my cup of tea, with the crowds and all.
so it might have been my last.

After our fabulous meal and a short nap, my oldest
Daughter decided we had not shopped enough so back to
Sioux Falls we went this time we went to Hobby Lobby
& Joanne Fabrics. Now this is my kind of shopping.
I got fabric to make fun pillow cases for each of my
6 grandchildren. and stocked up on DMC floss and needles
(the gold plated ones)

I got my tree up and decorated and now I have to go
thru more boxes of decorations to hang and set around the house.
I just love this time of year.

I have not finish finished anything lately but I have some things  to show:
First up is a small christmas ornament, I have showed
the first 3 to this set in a previous post. They are small
but I don't know that I will get all 12 done by Christmas
We will see how things go.
Next Up
I got the blue and white done on Santas beard .
And then I just had to start a new one.
This one is a freebie that I saw on a blog,
This one is almost done just have some of the
candy cane to finish up. I will post where you can
find this pattern when I do my next post as this one
should be done by then.

My granddaughter is here and watching Minne Mouse already.

I just have to share a few more pics of my family:
these were taken on Friday after we ate.
My Husband Terry and 2 of our granddaughters.

My son TJ giving another granddaughter a ride.

and our youngest grandson riding his 3 wheeler.
They all had a blast.

Oh and I forgot this picture
These 3 spent Wednesday before Thanksgiving with me and
they decided they needed a fort in my living room.
They had the dinning room chairs, the couch cushions and
every blanket they could find.

Well I better get to finishing my christmas decorating and spending
some time with the little one here.
Happy Stitching!

Monday, November 21, 2011

I finished my Biscornu

yes I did I finished it up this weekend
And I can honestly say I did not enjoy
sewing it together.
The corners and making sure
it was centered
But now I can say I made one.
Heres another view of it

I signed up for the 2012 Crazy Challenge and
one of the 15 projects I have listed is a
15 sided Biscornu,
well lets just say I am rethinking that one
I have until January 1 to change my mind.

I finished a couple more
Christmas ornaments
Just little little ones.
As you can see by the quarter laying there
they are pretty little but oh so cute and
easy to stitch up

Last night I decided I was going to work on a
So I started digging thru my stuff and
found this Santa picture that I
started in June
the only stitching I got done on it
last night was that little bit of blue
by my glasses,
I am not sure if it will be done by Christmas,
but I am going to give it a try!
Here is what it will look like when completed

Well I am off to get some errands done and some
shopping done for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving dinner will be on Friday
for us this year.
My daughters are spending Thursday with
there in-laws and so as to not make it
a busy day we decided to have ours on
Friday and they could spend the whole day
with us!!!!
I am so Thankful for my loving children and

Happy Thankgiving everyone

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A - Z about me!

I read this on another blog about a week ago and figured I would post it also.

A - Age:53
B - Bed size: queen
C - Chore that you hate: Cleaning the bathroom
D - Dogs: 2 big boys, yellow lab name Sonny & german shepherd named Tank
E - Essential start to your day: coffee
F - Favorite color: purple
G - Gold or Silver: Gold
H - Height: 5'3"
I - Instruments you play: None
J - Job title: Housewife
K - Kids: 2 girls 1 boy - Jill, Kay & TJ
L - Live: on a farm in SD
M - Make of car: Buick Park Ave
N - Nicknames: when I was little it was Missy
O - Overnight Hospital stays: 3 C-sections and 1 Mini stroke
P - Pet peeves: people that call me during my favorite shows
Q - Quote from a movie:   ?
R - Right or left handed: Right
S - Siblings: 2 younger Sisters 1 twin brother ( yes I am a twin)
T - Time you wake up: 6 o clock every morning if not earlier
U - Underware: ? I don't know but I thought everyone wore them.
V - Veggie you Hate: PEAS
W - What makes you run late: being forgetful
X - Xrays you had: Denist and when I had my Mini stroke they took tons of them.
Y - Yummy food that you make: Fried chicken
Z - Zoo animal: my favorite have to be the big cats

There you have it, everything about me from A - Z. That was kinda fun. And I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Morning

OK Time for an update on my blog.
It's not because I have not been stitching
Because I have been doing plenty of that
its that procrastion thing.
I try and read blogs every morning so that
I can keep up. Then I have to play a
couple of games on facebook and check
my emails. And then I check the time
and my morning is shot.
And I think I will update the blog later or
 even tomorrow.
Well I decided before I read any blogs this morning
I had to do this first.
So Here Goes Nothing!

Weekend before last my daughter and her 3 girls
came and spent some time with us
(they also brought the stomach flu with them thanks girls)
so Monday and Tuesday DH had it
and I had it Wed - Friday
(ya me, this getting old sucks)
Thank goodness I was feeling better for the
weekend because my niece came home for
a visit ( and it was her mothers birthday)
I didn't get to visit with her as much as I would
have liked but I had to play nice a share her
with every one else that want  to see her.
(Love you Chrissy)

Monday was a sad day! Had a funeral to attend.
A highschool class mate and close friend to our
oldest daughter was killed in a auto accident.
he was 31 and left a wife of less than 6 months and
a 1 year son that he adored.( RIP Gary )

Tuesday was a happier day as I got to spend it
with none other than my
And too many stories on how she made me laugh all day!

on to the stitchie stuff.
This is another Mini cross stitch ornament
from Liesure Arts
stitched on 14 ct white aida
with DMC floss
and I finish the back with white felt

this was a freebie I found when I was
looking around the blogs.
All the information was in a different
language except for the DMC colors I needed
The orginal design was not back stitched
but i thought it made my snowman stand out more.

And last but not least I am still working on
stitching up my Biscornu.
I will complete this one before I start another
christmas ornament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This material is actually white not blue as the
picture looks ( damn lighting)
Not much left if I would just sit and stitch on it!
And I am planning on having it completed
tonight! I am thinking I will add a few beads
to this one.
Ok well if I want to get some stitching done I
better get this posted, do some reading of my
blogs and maybe a couple of loads of laundry done.
Enjoy the rest of the week
Happy Stitching

Monday, November 7, 2011

I had a Great Weekend

I had the best weekend ever!
My girls were home,
My oldest daughter only lives 10 miles from us
but my middle daughter lives 2 hours away,
so her and her 3 girls stayed with us
Friday and Saturday night.

Friday night we had wine and
Tastefully Simply Beer Bread
and 4 different dips
(the kids got orange juice & sprite mixed together)
they thought that was great until I ran out.

Saturday I made a big pot of Chili and
a pot of Country Chicken Chowder for 
everyone to enjoy when they got hungry.
The girls took lots of pictures of there kids on the farm.

On to some Stitchy stuff:
Friday I finished a LK that I have been working on for a while.

I stitched it on 32 ct but don't remember the name of it
and used the floss that it called for.
Now I need to decided if I am going to put it in
a frame or make it into a pillow. 

Then I also finished a Christmas ornament
Ornament #2
This is for the Christmas Ornament Challenge that I joined.
This one came from a book called
Leisure Arts - Mini Cross Stitch Ornaments
produced by Kooler Designs Studio
There are 116 designs in this book.
I Finished this little cutie with white felt on the back

And I put a few more stitches in my
Norwegian Biscornu

So there you have it,
A bunch of stitching done
a great weekend with family
what more could a girl ask for!

Happy Stitching

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good morning everyone!
Last night I finished another
Christmas ornament
Designer: Log Cabin Needleworks (freebie)
I used a piece of 32 ct linen from my stash
and used DMC floss
I plan on finishing it like I did
Merry Christmas ornament that I
did in August.
(You can see it on my side bar.)

After I finished this one last night I then
decided that I needed to finish up
LK  Wanted - Santa
All I have left is a few of the words
Then I will post a final picture of it.

I have my Granddaughter here now
and she is demanding my attention at
the moment.
She has her coat on upside down and
wants to go out side to see the cows.
Time to go
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st already!

Hopefully everyone had a super Halloween!
I had 3 of my grand kids come over to
Treat Or Treat
Gavin was a Army Man
Trey was a hunter
& Sharlee was Minnie Mouse

OK on to the stitchie stuff
I said I would post some update
so here they are
this one is going to be my first Biscornu
I found it on Whole World Biscornu
I'm using 28 ct jobelan antique white
and DMC variegated blue floss.

This one is a freebie from Brenda Gervais
With thy Needle & Thread
She did it to welcome October 2009
I am using 32 ct linen from my stash
and the DMC floss she suggests.

OK off to finish my dishes and do a little
house quick pickup and then
an afternoon of stitching.

Welcome to all my new followers
Thank you for joining me.

Happy Stitching everyone!

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