Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh Yaaaaaa!!!!! I'm back home!!!!

Last night I finished this small project that I started last week

I did get some done on my Woodland Enchantress but did
 not get a picture of it to post today maybe later this week I will post some progress.

My son got back home from school on Friday and I didn't even recognized him when he walked by me. Boy did he make fun of me for that. He has put on weight, he was alway so skinny. and now he is fill out and looks good. he will be home for a couple of months and then head to Wyoming to finish school. I have never seen him so interested in school. I should mention he is going to school for auto restoration.

Yep after 4 weeks of living with the in-laws my husband and I are back in our home. We still have a little water in the basement and cleanng up to do outside, but we are sleeping in our own bed and loving it. We had a nice Easter with my husbands large family ( lot of little kids ) The kids had an Easter Egg hunt which was fun to watch. And lots of good food of course.

I hope everyone had a good Easter and got a lot of stitching done!!!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

progress update

This is Woodland Enchantress that I started April 2

And this next one is one that I started last week, it not a big project so it sould be done fairly quickly.

I am not sure how I will finish this one, but I just love the colors.

Well we are still staying with the In-Laws because we still have water in the basement and the weather is still very cold here. I was really hoping to be back home this past weekend but that didn't happened. The good part of all this is that I have gotten more stitching done than if I was home. My mother in law has the house cleaned and supper on the table when we get home from work, so my evenings are spend cross stitching. Ya for me!!
Saturday afternoon I got to spend some time with my favorite niece and my sister. But our visit just was not long enough.I see a weekend trip in the forcast (because my niece lives 5 hours away)
Then we had our 3 grandchildren on saturday night and sunday. They are so much fun to have around! Well its time to get back to work. I hope everyone has a great week and plenty on stitching in!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

New projected started

I decided it was time to update my blog as it hasn't been done since the 2nd of April. We are still living with the in-laws. The water has gone down but we still have water in our basement and can't get a new furnace in yet. And it is still too cold in the house to stay with out the furnace. I have added some pictures of my finished projects to left side of my blog. I will have to update them when I get home with the name of the project and the designer. I also started a new project on Sunday (april 2, 2011) it is called Woodland Enchantress by Dimensions. the second picture shows my progress as of last night. I hope everyone has a nice weekend and get to stitch to there hearts content! I know I am going to try!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunny & 55 degrees outside

Its Saturday after noon now and I have my laundry done and house picked up here at my in-laws and I have been down to our house and started doing some clean up, at least as much as I can for now. The sun is out and feels so good. I have the windows open getting some of the fresh air in. And now I think its time for some major Cross stitch time. Enjoy the afternoon! Denise

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