Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Good Morning Everyone!
I just got back from having coffee with my daughter. This is something I don't normally get to do because she is usually at work,but she is home this week recovering from surgery she had done on Monday. All is well and she is getting around good. And we had a  good visit!!

A couple of weekends ago we went to Marietta, MN for a truck pull, well we got rained out and never even unloaded our pulling truck. The drivers and there crew members ended up in someones shop and sat around talking and bull shitting so whats a girl to do?
Ya sit in the pickup and Stitch!
Glad I had it with me!!!

So I do have a better picture of this piece and more was completed.

This is Pastoral Sampler by Drawn Thread.

The other update I have is Cherry Hollow Farm Sampler
Sorry about the wrinkles!
I have the leaves done in the boarder now on to the berries then the boarder will be done.

Well its time to get ready for work.

Happy Stitching

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Catch you up on my Stitching Progress!!!

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers!
I have been a bad blogger the last few months but I am still here and stitching away. So this post may get a little long as I try to catch you up on what I have been doing since March (my last post).
Some of you may know that I have an Instagram account and have been posting my pictures there. You can find me at denraeand.Pop on over and check it out!

So here we go -
Cherry Hollow Farm Sampler by Stacy Nash
I started this one last Dec. then pick it up in March and this is where I stop (need to get back too this one and get it finished)

Santa Ornament by Marie Barber
Eight Santa's in the set I have one done.

Flowers & Lace by Dimensions
started many moons ago, this is where I left it on April 19th.

This is me and my granddaughter Sharlee after her dance recital on May 8th

One of Santa's Village by CCN
completed May 13,2016

Blessed are the Needleworkers by Sue Stader of Crossing Montana
Started this one in Jan but finished it May 17th

Dame of the Needles Sewing Roll by Brenda Gervais
completed this one May 22,2016

At the end of May we had visitors from Colorado. The kids sleep on the floor of our living room every year they come to visit. There parents stay at my in laws house.
Feeding them breakfast the next morning. We always have a blast!!!

Blue House in Winter by LHN
Finished June 8, 2016

4th of July watching the tractor pull in Wentworth SD
It was so hot out!!! But we had shade and we enjoyed the day!

Happy Holidays by CCN
Completed July 11, 2016
This was in the Just Cross Stitch 2012 Christmas Ornament Magazine.
Last but not least
The Pastoral Sampler by Drawn Thread
I started this one on May 28, 2016 and this is where I was as of July 12, 2016. 
I have all the alphabet done now but will save that picture for  a later post.

Time to go and get some shopping done before I go to work.

Happy Stitching!!

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