Friday, January 25, 2013

New Start

Good morning everyone! 
Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post about Abigail's birth sampler.
 I kinda got tired of working on this piece and was in the mood for something new and different than  what I have been working on lately. On pinterest I found a free pattern called Green Quaker Sampler. I went   to my stash and found the 16 count fabric that it called for (there's was white, all I had was antique white) I am using some DMC and some Gentle Arts. I have not worked on aida in a very long time. Not so hard on the eyes. Started this on Jan 21,2013 and here is my progress as of last night.
So far I have just done the cross stitching, but there is also a number of other stitches to be added to this piece.
They are Algerian Eyelet, Rhodes, Smyrna Cross, Rice, Ray, and Upright cross. Should be pretty cool when done. I started stitching this piece without the Q-Snap but my left shoulder started hurting, I think I was tensing up while holding it. Now with the Q-Snap no more pain. Funny how that works.

Well I better get dressed and go out to feed my baby calf , chickens and the spoiled dogs. Then its off to town and get my glasses fixed and get my nails done. ( and the spoiled dogs need some treats)

Stay Warm!
Happy Stitching

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reading, Reading, & Stitching

I got behind in my blog reading again and so I have been playing catch up the last couple of days. A lot of bloggers are joining in on the Build your Blog. I have truly enjoyed reading and learning more about my fellow bloggers.
I am still working on Abigails Birth Sampler and have made some good progress since my last up date.
I have a train and a teddy bear to stitch by his front legs and then I will complete his head and Abigails birth details.
I am going to make this update short and sweet because I want to get back to my stitching.
Everyone stay warm during this awful cold spell we are having.
Happy Stitching

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Burrrr it cold out!

Good morning everyone! And welcome to my new followers.
I now have 150 followers. The past couple of years posting and following other blogger has been so interesting. Seeing what everyone one is stitching , what there taste in stitching is, and a little about there personal life.
Anyway I have an update on Abigails birth sampler for you.
The baby giraffe now has a butt and tail. I decided to do some backstitching as I go so that when I took pictures you could see a little more defination in the stitching because the bllue is so light you can hardly see it. I have not been able to do any stitching for the last couple of days but the weekend is here and I do plan to get more done.
Well I have to get ready to go to work for a couple of hours at the Post Office, then it's home and vegging out with my stitching.
Happy Stitching

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Goals for 2013 & more

Good morning fellow bloggers. The sun is shining and it suppose to be really nice today. Which means that some of the snow might be melting here.
I have decided to work on my WIP's & UFO's this year. And I also plan to do a few small projects also, such as Christmas ornaments.
This is the plan for now:
January - Abigail Birth Sampler
February - BoaF, With Thy Needle & Thread
March- Blooming with Inspiration, Blue Ribbon Design
April - We Three Kings, Glendon Place
May - The Embroiderer, Paula Vaughan
June - Spirit of Christmas Santa Christmas Stocking
July - Woodland enchantress
August - Sweet Cake, Erica Michaels
September - 15 sided Biscornu
October - The Best Things
November - Blessed are the Needleworkers
December -  Petticoat Heart.
I am hoping to get a few of these completed this year, some are real close.
Now for some progress pictures.
During the month of December I didn't get much stitching done , here is what I worked on.
( Well I wanted to get this posted this morning but I will have to finish it after I get off work at 2:00 and hopefully I can figure out how to download my pictures, it seems they change stuff on us again)
We Three Kings by
Glendon Place
And this is what I stitched in December
I used the called for fabric and threads
I also kept track of how many stitches I have done,
2452 stitches
And so for the month of January I will be working on Abigail's Birth Sampler. The last time I worked on in it was the end of November and this is what it looked like then.
And here is what I done so far since the first of  January
I tried and tried to get a picture that showed what
I had gotten done. If you look really close there is some blue on the right side, the
yellow flowers on the left side and some back stitching around the baby.
This last picture is of my step granddaughter, Kyla. This is her second piece that she has completed.
The thread she used for this project was part of her Christmas present from me.
She plans to give this to her friend at school.
Well I started this post this morning about 8:00 and finally figured out how to download my pictures.
I think there was more that I wanted to post about but now I can't remember. So I will close now so I can go and get some stitching in this evening.
Happy Stitching

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy, Busy,Busy

Good morning everyone in blog land!
I hope everyone enjoyed the last couple weeks of holidays, family gatherings and ringing in the new year.
We ( DH and I ) had a quite New Years eve. We went to the local bar and had a few drinks with a 2 other couples and was home about 9:00 and in bed by 10:30. So much for ringing in the new year for us.

Well we are empty nesters again. Our middle daughter moved back home with us last August after a bad breakup. We were glad to have her back in our area and too spend some time with her. But at 30 years old she just needed her own space and found a cute little 2 bedroom apartment that she could afford to rent. So this last week end was spent moving all her stuff out. And now Mom & Dad have a little more space also. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning her old room out and packing up the stuff she left behind and haul it over to her apartment. It was not a lot of stuff but I wanted her to decide if she wanted it or not, she can throw it away herself. And the funny part was as I was cleaning I found I had tuck in a corner of the room a scroll with a Paula Vaughan picture that I had started about 10  years ago and I had been looking high and low for it and could not figure out what I had done with it.This will go on my to do list to finish it this year. More on the picture in a later post.

I have decided this year instead of starting 15 new projects for CJC2013 I will doing CJCWIP 2013. As you can see on my side bar I did not complete all of my challenge from last year so they will be worked on and finished this year. Plus a few other WIP that I show you in past posts. (Here) Plus others that I come across. I was not organized at the end of last year and made a list of what I plan to work on this year because I didn't plan to join in until I saw the had the CJC WIP group and thought this would be perfect to get some projects finished up. So I will be working on a list today and posting it later.

Time to run some errands and some laundry done.
I wish everyone a Blessed New Year!
Happy Stitching

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