Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh for the Love of Stitching

Didn't know what else to use as a title???

A quick post this morning before things get busy here on the farm. We were flood out of our house last spring as most of you know. We had water almost to our rafters in our basement. Thank goodness we just have a cement basement and the only things down there are the furnance and water pressure system. Well after the water was gone we relaced the pressure system so we could have running water but never got the furnace replaced. Finally after a month of heating our house with one Eden Pure electric heater our furnace is being replace today!YA!

In my last post I said I was going to start a Biscornu and I did get it started (sorry no picture of my progress yet). In one of the comments (Sarah) asked which one I was doing. Well I got it from World of BIscornu ( here). I am using DMC verigated blue to stitch it in. I have about half of it done.  I have a lot of Norwegian in me and I have relatives that live there and I have visited Norway in 1993. ( would love to make another trip there). So I thought it fitting to stitch the one from Norway. There are actually several Norwegian patterns on this site but I liked the one with the reindeer on it best.

The reason I am not done with it is because I had to start another piece that I came across it also is a freebie. ( I think i need to stop looking at everyones blogs and seeing such cute stuff) I had seen it on someone elses blog who had stitched it up. But it is one of Brenda Gervais from With Thy Needle and Thread blog ( here ) I started it yesterday and have the pumpkin, stem and leaves done and I am starting on the black bird this morning. ( sorry again no picture yet ) I used a piece of 32 ct fabric that I had in my stash and used the DMC floss that she recommends.

Time to get my chores done so I can sit and stitch the day away. I will post some pictures tomorrow so drop back by.

Have a great Holloween weekend

Monday, October 24, 2011

Hot Chocolate anyone?

I have a stitching finish to show

This was a freebie and I don't remember how I 
found it but you can get the pattern (here) 
 I stitched it on 18 count aida cloth
and used DMC colors
938 for the dark brown
434 for the light brown
712 for the mild cream

I think I will be hanging it in my kitchen
on the wall with these two pictures
that I stitched up a while ago.
Sorry about the glare, they are hanging in my
kitchen and the sun was shining this morning.

Well not much is going on around here lately.
I have weaned all my baby bottle calves,
so no chores for me until we start buying more.

Trying to get some of my family history done,
but that is slow going right now.

I think it time to start a new
I am going to make a biscornu
this will be my first,

We are having beautiful weather here today
I think that I will be sitting on my deck
with my new project in hand.
Have a great week everyone.
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catch up

I have been lazy again about posting on my blog
sorry! And I am behind on reading the blogs
that I follow also.

Last week I worked on Wanted - Santa by LK
I don't have a lot left on this one just the words

And then of course I had to start a new one
It is a Freebie that I saw on another blog
sorry I don't remember who's blog it was, 
should have written it down
when I printed it off.
Its called
Hot Chocolate - Liquid Heaven
I am using DMC floss and 18 count aida
It stitches up pretty quick.

I have not stitched since Friday. We had the
grandsons most of the week end. They were
helping there grandpa finish up the
combineing in the last field.

Saturday night I got a phone call from a
distance relative (never met her before) and that she and another
cousin were working on our  family history.
( another one of my passions)
I Have been doing my family history for quite a few years,
so they were wondering if I could help them with some info,
she emailed me the info that she had!
So this got the juices flowing again in search of the
It would be so neat to meet these women
but they live on the east side of Iowa and I'm on
the east side of SD. May be some day!
So Sunday and most of Monday I sat on the
computer looking up information that I had and
checking my sources before I send her my info.

Today is a catch up day!
First I am going to do a little shopping
then I have to get some laundry caught up
and my floors are in need of some attention
and some other general cleaning.
And then some stitching time!
I want to work on Hot Chocolate for a while.
Well it time for me to hit the road
Happy Stitching

Monday, October 10, 2011

Minnie Mouse is Done

Just a quick update to show you I finished
Minnie Mouse  Christmas Ornament
for my granddaughter.

Happy Stitching

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lots of Christmas Stuff

Nothing very exciting happened this week. I did get some stitching in of course.
First up is:
This is not a very good picture as the material is
suppose to be a cream color.
Hopefully when I get this finished into a
Christmas ornament I can get a proper pic of it.

Next up is:
I got some more done on this LK
Wanted - Santa

and Last but not least
I started a Christmas ornament for my little
She is a big Mickey Mouse fan!
So digging thru my stash I found  an
old leftlet (from 1982) by Gloria&Pat
Walt Disney - Christmas in Counted Cross Stitch
and so I started Minne Mouse for her.

Just about done with the x's then on to the
backstitching. I might even do Mickey for her also.

Well its back to my stitching chair for a little while.
Its nice and quite here for a while the guys are all
outside working.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend
with lots of stitching time.
Happy Stitching

Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Busy Week - Gone

On Monday I got another LK Christmas Blessing done.
This makes 7 that I have completed. 

On Tuesday I worked on LK Wanted-Santa
I got the presents done

On Wednesday I decided to start a new project
It is a Christmas ornament from
JCS Christmas ornament magizine

Hopeing to get this one done tomorrow.

On Friday I had 3 grandkids here for the day
(they didnot have school)
So you know I didn't get any stitching in with them around.

Saturday morning I went to another football game
and watched Trey play. There team won again
My daughter, Kay and her family
surprised us and came to the game also.
(they live 1 1/2 hours away from us)
And then came to the farm for a little while.
Before they left for home I got this cute picture of them.
Her Boyfriend (Travis) and his three daughters
Kenzie, Kasey. & Kyla.

After they left my DH pulled in with his combine 
and boy did he have it plugged
and he was not a happy camper
so I took a picture

And Sunday I spent in the calf barn cleaning out pens
just in case we get new calves on monday ( which we didn't)
I was so tried that I didn't get any stitching in on Sunday.

Well that was my week!

One final picture before I close this up,

My cute granddaughter - Sharlee

I hope everyone has a great week
Happy Stitching

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