Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stitching Retreat at Lake Shetek

Good Morning Everyone!

I got back for Lake Shetek on Sunday afternoon and I am just now getting things put away. I didn't have to work at the Post Office yesterday so I chose to spend it with my grandchildren. We had a great time, we went out for lunch, and then hung out at the shop. 

The boys sprayed out the beans and cleaned out the combine for grandpa.
And my granddaughter took a nap.
Well now on to the stitching stuff.

Jill and I packed up and left after she got off work on Wednesday night. 
Thursday morning we woke up to this beautiful sight!
Thursday Morning

Saturday Morning

American Flag Quilt Sampler
Finished backstitching Mississippi and completed Illinois
Here is We Three Kings before and after
I put in about 540 stitches
Sunflower Dishtowel
This towel I started a very long time ago. So this weekend I
worked on it and backstitched the flowers . 

And last but not least
Woodland Folk
I finished back stitching the little fox and got the squirrel done 
A picture from where I was sitting and working

This was the deck right out side our work area - there are 2
squirrels playing on it.

And these are the towels that my daughter made for me to hang on my stove.
Aren't they cute.
Well there are a lot more pictures and stories to show and tell but I need to get to work so off I go for now.
Happy Stitching

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's about TIME!

Good Morning Everyone!
Wow I haven't posted since July 28th and boy have I been busy. 
Get comfortable and enjoy my update.

I had a small finish on the 6th of August
Winter's Eve
Country Cottage Needleworks
JCS Christmas Ornaments 2006
Started 8/1/14
Completed 8/6/14
Finished size 4x4
Isn't it the cutest little ornament!

Next we had family visit from CO. So we had a full house!

The kids always want to sleep at our house and the parent are up at my in-laws house. It is so much fun spending time with them!

Sitting on the deck visiting

During July and Aug are our busy time with truck pulls. We had one just about every weekend .
We ended in Aug with our big family camping trip to Prairie Village and several nights of tractor and truck pulls.  Here are some pictures from our weekend.
Kay and her girls
SIL, DIL, and my Son and I can't quite tell who is laying on the ground
And we had a fire in the Pulling Truck
Lots of excitement there!
The 6th of Sept was my oldest grandsons birthday. OMG he turned 12 this year, I can't believe how the time has just flown by. That was a busy Saturday - First we went and watched the birthday boy and his brother play football (there first game of the season)
This is the birthday boy, he is the one with his hand on the football
I won't bore you with any more pics of the football game, lets just say I took a lot of pics of my two grandsons. Then we went to my daughter's house and had cake and ice cream and watched Trey open his gifts.
My husband & I Left from there and headed to Milbank, SD to attend a wedding of friends of ours. It was far enough away that we stay overnight and came back on Sunday. We had a great time !
The happy couple entering the reception hall.

Two weeks later we attended another wedding in Storm Lake, Iowa. Sorry no pics of the happy couple because I forgot to pack my camera. But again we had a great time!

We have one more wedding coming up but my husband will be going to that one by himself because I will be attending an annual weekend stitching retreat at Lake Shetek. My oldest daughter Jill will be going also. We are so looking forward to this get away!!!

The following pictures are of some of the things I have been working on and have not finished yet.
Another Christmas Block (only 8 more to go)

This small table runner I started last year and made a mistake
on one of the end pieces. I finally took it apart and resewed
it. It is now quilted and ready for the binding.
I have the top done of this round Christmas table topper.

 Last but not least is a birth sampler that I am working on for my great nephew
It is called Woodland Folk
There will be 6 little creatures sitting on the log when I get it done. 

Well there you have it in a nut shell!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Happy Stitching

Monday, July 28, 2014

American Flag Quilt Sampler update

Good Morning Everyone!
This past weekend was spent working on American Flag Quilt Sampler. I have not worked on this piece since March 25th. Here is what I got done.
Indiana is complete and Mississippi just needs to be back-stitched.

I intend to finish the back-stitching on Mississippi then it will be put away so that I can work on Woodland folks for the rest of the week.

Here is what AFQS looks like at this point.

Well that's about all for me this chilly Monday morning!
Happy Stitching

Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Thread the Needle Day!

Did you know that today was Thread the Needle Day? Yep I looked it up and it truly is!

And here is my happy dance - look what I finished last night while watching TV.

Yep finished the last 3 corners last night, it already to be framed.

Well I am off to get groceries and calf feed (sounds like fun don't it) this morning before it gets hot this afternoon
Happy Stitching

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Update, Ebay, and Camping

Good Morning Everyone!
The weather here in my part of the world has been great! A few hot days but nothing unbearable. Today we have sun and a slight breeze, so I am sitting on the deck with my coffee as I work on this post.

First off to update you on what I have  been stitching the past couple of weeks.
Prairie Gardens
Remember in my last post I was frogging because I miss counted
And now I have restitched  and completed that square and
started another one
Woodland Folks
This was as of July 12

And I have a little bit more dark brown completed 

And a new start and almost finish is 
hip hip Hurrah by
Bent Creek

I saw this on someone else's blog and loved it, I googled it, found one on ebay. I was the only person that bid on it so I won it and it came in the mail on Thursday (July 17th) and I started on Friday.
All I have left to do is the 3 corners and it will be done. It was an easy stitch!! Love Love Love it!!!

I also have been cleaning up my stitching room and decided to part with some of my patterns that I know that I will never stitch or have stitch but won't stitch again. I have listed over 50 patterns on ebay and plan to go through more of my stuff and list them as well. So if you are interested you can check my stuff out HERE.

One Last picture for you, This was taken last weekend while we were camping. 
This was in the morning after we woke them up so we could head home. A few of them still look a little bit sleepy, but I got a few smiles for the camera. 

Well I am off to get ready for an afternoon at the Post Office.
Everyone have a great day
Happy Stitching

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