Friday, January 23, 2015

Christmas Stitching

Good Morning Everyone!

I have a busy day planned but wanted to get a post out there before it gets started.
First I have to go get tags for our vehicles, stop at the ASCS office and talk to them about the farm program, then head south to Sioux Falls and order new glasses for the husband and I have my eye exam at 11:00am,& planning on getting my nails done. Then back home to get ready to go out with my daughter tonight, we are going to go out for supper and then watch bull riding at the Expo. I have watch bull riding on TV but never seen it in person, so it should be fun.

Now for an update on my stitching

Lizzie Kate 
Christmas Blessings
Flip it - Joy
This was a quick stitch! I now have 9 of these done and 3 left to stitch.

The next thing I worked on was Christmas Envelope Cards. I was hoping to finish it by today but that didn't happen but I did make great progress.
This is only one of six envelopes that I found on Pinterest. And beings I work at a small Post Office in our community I thought they would be fun to stitch and display in my office at Christmas time.

My plan for the weekend and next week is working on Woodland folks - which reminds me I need to order a skein of green for it. I will have to do that after i finish this post. There is a lot of backstitching to get done on this piece. And there is the possibility that I might get this one done by next Friday. We will see what this next week brings me.

I leave you with a picture of my granddaughter, she is learning to drive a snowmobile that once belong to her older brother. She is not as excited about driving it as he was. She would rather be inside with me, but she had fun.
Jan 10, 2015 

Time to get my butt moving!
Have a great weekend with lots of stitching

Happy Stitching

Friday, January 16, 2015

First New Start Of 2015

Good Morning Everyone!

This past week I worked on Woodland Folks and made some progress.
This is where I left off at the end of December
And here we are today!
Back stitching  and flowers left to stitch.
This next week I am working on a new start. Its called Christmas Envelope Cards. I found them on Pinterest and printed them off. There are 6 of them that I found. It didn't say who the designer was but it came off page.
Here is the one that I am working on.

I will start this today and use the called for DMC floss 28 ct Evenweave fabric.
Should be a quick stitch.

Well time to pickup the house and pay some bills before I go to work this afternoon.
Have a great Weekend everyone!!!
Happy Stitching

Friday, January 9, 2015

Woodland Enchantress

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

Well I have only one update for you today.
Last week while I was reading blogs I seen someone was working on Woodland Enchantress and was reminded that I had that one in my WIP so I went in search of it. And that is what I worked on all week. This is a picture of where I left off back in 2011.

Where I left off July 2011

And this is as of last night.
I put in about 2300 stitches
And a little closer look at my progress

This one will be put away again for a while and I will bring back out  Woodland Folks - Which is going to be a baby sampler for my great nephew. I will work all week on it and update you on my progress next Friday

I leave you with a picture that I took of my granddaughter on Sunday, we were watching the ATV ice races at the lake.


Have a great weekend (mine starts today)
Happy Stitching

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