Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jolly Jack, and a new project

Good Morning everyone, OK so I have not gone to bed yet and it is 1:00am in the morning.
 I have been babysitting little ones this evening and one of them cried himself to sleep. I felt so bad for him. I don't think his parent leave him very often. So the house is quiet once more and I have caught up on my blog reading and I have a few pictures to show.
In my last post I announced that SoCal Debbie was the next lucky person to get Jolly Jack, I have not heard if she recieved it yet but I hope so. I also stated that my daughter had my camera so I was unable to take pictures of my finish well the camera is back and here is the finish

My niece was home last weekend for the baby shower that I talked about in my last post. We got to get together a couple of time and did some stitching together. And she was the one that got the baby photo frame that I finished up last week. Before Chrissy left to go home to Pella she asked me to finish her baby sampler that she had started because with her newborn and going back to work she didn't think she would get it done so of course I said I would work on it.
This is what it will look like when completed

and this is as of 9/28/2012
she had a good start on it and I have put in about 825 stitches
since I have been working on it.

 Hopefully I can get some better pictures later maybe when the sun comes up.
I have 10 more days until I leave  to attend our stitchers retreat at Lake Shetek in MN. There are about 40 ladies signed up to attend. Should be a great weekend getaway as I have not gotten to go for a couple of years.
Before I end this post I have one more picture to show and that is of my son.
He was so pumped
It was his first buck with a bow
He has been following this bucks movements for some time now. He has the special cameras that take picture of any animals that walk past it, and  what time of day it is. I don't think we will be able to get the grin off his face for a few days to come.
OK it time for me to get off to bed and get a few hours of sleep.
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Travelling Pattern - Jolly Jack, Baby Shower, & A Wedding

Well I am ready to sent Jolly Jack on to his new home. I put the 6 names in a hat and my DH pick one out for me. So that part is done but I got NO pictures to show of this happening because my DD#1 has my camera until this week end. So no pictures of my finish of Jolly Jack either until this weekend.
Oh I suppose you want to know who the winners;
SoCal Debbie
Email me your snail mail and I will get this in the mail right away.
On Friday after I did my last post I went out and check out mail and guess what was waiting for me?
My package from Cathy at Crafty Cat. She had a giveaway beacuse she had reached 100 followers. Here are a few shot I took of them when I open the package up.
Every thing came neatly tucked into this
Zippered project bag. (Can't have too many of these)

Charts and the little sheep is a tape measurer

and look at this seclection on goodies
scissors, tweezers, threads, a light, needles and more.
Thank you so much Cathy, this was such a great giveaway
I had a very busy weekend and I'm still tring to get things caught back up.
Saturday was a long day! At 10:00 I attended a Baby Shower for my Great Niece
Abigail Darlene
In my last post I showed the baby photo frame that I made her. But I want to show you some pictures from the shower because, well you will see, the pictures speak for them selves
These 6 babies are 2nd cousins and all born with in the last
7 months 
 My niece Chrissy & Abigail are second on the left
My niece Courtney & Amaya are second on the right
My nephew's wife Nikki & Cruz are on the end right
There is a 7th second cousin that was born 2 days before this picture was taken.
Oldest to youngest
So after the shower was over I went home for a couple of hours and did some stitching. Then I get ready for a wedding that my son was a groomsmen in and I took the wedding pictures for the happy couple. I am not a professional by any means but I do enjoy playing with the camera at happy events.
Here are a couple of shot I will share with you.
Heath & Vanessa
The Wedding party fun shot

My son TJ and his girlfriend Heidi ( who was also in the
wedding - she is the grooms sister)
Ok I think that is enough for one post!
I will be back with my pictures of Jolly Jack as soon as my camera gets back home.
In the mean time enjoy you week and
Happy Stitching

Friday, September 21, 2012

Travelling Pattern Jolly Jack Has Arrived

Good morning everyone and a big welcome to my new followers. Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my blog.
Back at the beginning of August, Devon over at Devon's Quiet Corner decided to do a travelling pattern with Jolly Jack (HERE). She wanted to see how many Jolly friends we could stitch before October 31. She sent it off to Amanda over at Sampler, Silks & Linens. You can see her finished Jolly Jack (HERE). She picked my name to send it to next and I recieved it on Wednesday. Last night after I got home from my grandson's 3rd & 4th grade football game I got started on it.
Here is my start

Jolly Jacks
by Bonnie Sullivan of All through the Night
32 ct jobelan lambswool
called for WDW
Started - 9/20/2012
So I am hopeing to complete this pattern this week end and would like to get it sent to the next luck jolly friend at the begining of next week. If you are interested in this pattern please leave me a comment on this post  and on Monday the 24th or Tuesday the 25th I will ramdomly pick its next new home. But the deal is you have to stitch it up quickly and sent it on its way.
I did not start Jolly Jack on Wednesday when I got because I had to finish my baby photo frame for my great niece, they are having a baby shower for her this weekend. So I need to make sure it was finished first. And here it is.

I have an 8 by 10 frame that this will fit into and that is a real picture of my great niece before they left the hospital after she was born.
I am going to leave you with a couple of random pictures of my grandkids and my furry friends.
3 year old Sharlee cheering for her
brothers while they play

# 70 Gavin  he is a 3rd grader

# 35 Treyton is a 4th grader

Sonny (is 4 years old)

Honey Bear ( she is only 5 months old)

Well I think this is long enough so until next time
Happy Stitching

Monday, September 17, 2012


Good Morning fellow Bloggers!
And Welcome new followers, I love that you stop by to see what I have been up too.
Its a nice cool morning here in SD. And I am enjoying having my windows open and letting some fresh farm air in and hearing the sounds of the chickens.
Yesterday was TUSAL and I was busy with my husband (its harvest time here) so here is my picture of my orts for this month and a vase with all my orts from previous months.
I have made some progress on the baby photo frame that I have been working on. I really need to buckle down and get it done because I need to give it to my great niece this coming weekend.
So here is an update picture as of this morning
I have all the cross stitching done now & I am working on the backstitching. Then there is just a couple of little rattles to complete and this will be a finish for me.
The last thing that I have to tell you is that Cathy over at Crafty Cat  (she has a picture if you would like to see) had a 100 follower giveaway and my name was drawn as the winner! There is a lot of great stash in the prize. Thank you so much Cathy! One of the charts that I won is Happy Everything and I have been wanting to get this chart for some time. This is my 3rd giveaway win for me in the last couple of months so I won't be entering any giveaways for a while so that I can give others a chance to win some cool stash. But do check out Cathys site! It really great!
Well my morning is just about shot so I better get off the computer and get something accomplished.
Have a great week everyone
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Good morning fellow bloggers,
 and I see I have a few new followers
Thank you for stopping by and seeing whats going on in my world.
Every week day morning I get up and I have a normal routine of
brushing my teeth
make the coffee
pack a lunch for DH
(he leaves the house @ 6:20am)
then I sit down with my cup of coffee and turn the computer on
check emails
check facebook
check pinterest
check obits
then its time to read my blogs
And then its time to go out side and get the farm chores done.
So do most of you have a routine or do you mix up your routine?
For the past week I have been planning on posting an update
but I kept putting it off. (it has been almost 2 weeks since I last posted)
And I don't even have an excuse, because I have not gone any where or done anything exciting.
I have some stitching done but not as much as I would have liked
So here is what I have done since my last update.
on my last update I had the top portion
done and now have the panda complete
and now working on the wagon.

as of Sept 8, 2012

Season Winter - freebie off of Pinterest
started - 9-8-12
finished 9-10-12
28ct platinum cashel linen by Zweigart
DMC Floss
I went back on pinterest to find more details of who designed this but was unable to locate it. I actually think it is a Biscornu pattern. You can barely see the white snowflake in the center, I couldn't get it to show up in the pictures that I took. I am not sure how I will be finishing it yet, I have to give that some thought.
Well I think that about all for today.
I am leaving you with a picture of two of our grandkids rubbing grandpa sore feet.
They hate this job but grandpa usually
bribes them with a treat.
Have a great rest of the week everyone!
Happy Stitching

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