Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catch up

I have been lazy again about posting on my blog
sorry! And I am behind on reading the blogs
that I follow also.

Last week I worked on Wanted - Santa by LK
I don't have a lot left on this one just the words

And then of course I had to start a new one
It is a Freebie that I saw on another blog
sorry I don't remember who's blog it was, 
should have written it down
when I printed it off.
Its called
Hot Chocolate - Liquid Heaven
I am using DMC floss and 18 count aida
It stitches up pretty quick.

I have not stitched since Friday. We had the
grandsons most of the week end. They were
helping there grandpa finish up the
combineing in the last field.

Saturday night I got a phone call from a
distance relative (never met her before) and that she and another
cousin were working on our  family history.
( another one of my passions)
I Have been doing my family history for quite a few years,
so they were wondering if I could help them with some info,
she emailed me the info that she had!
So this got the juices flowing again in search of the
It would be so neat to meet these women
but they live on the east side of Iowa and I'm on
the east side of SD. May be some day!
So Sunday and most of Monday I sat on the
computer looking up information that I had and
checking my sources before I send her my info.

Today is a catch up day!
First I am going to do a little shopping
then I have to get some laundry caught up
and my floors are in need of some attention
and some other general cleaning.
And then some stitching time!
I want to work on Hot Chocolate for a while.
Well it time for me to hit the road
Happy Stitching


Catherine said...

I like the Santa, but I love Hot Chocolate!!

Kathy Ellen said...

My goodness, but Christmas really is just around the corner, and your Santa is really coming along nicely! Love the whole idea of Hot Chocolate too. I don't know a single woman who doesn't love almost any form of chocolate!

Lesleyanne said...

Your Santa is looking great. A lovely new start.

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