Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Travelling Pattern - Jolly Jack, Baby Shower, & A Wedding

Well I am ready to sent Jolly Jack on to his new home. I put the 6 names in a hat and my DH pick one out for me. So that part is done but I got NO pictures to show of this happening because my DD#1 has my camera until this week end. So no pictures of my finish of Jolly Jack either until this weekend.
Oh I suppose you want to know who the winners;
SoCal Debbie
Email me your snail mail and I will get this in the mail right away.
On Friday after I did my last post I went out and check out mail and guess what was waiting for me?
My package from Cathy at Crafty Cat. She had a giveaway beacuse she had reached 100 followers. Here are a few shot I took of them when I open the package up.
Every thing came neatly tucked into this
Zippered project bag. (Can't have too many of these)

Charts and the little sheep is a tape measurer

and look at this seclection on goodies
scissors, tweezers, threads, a light, needles and more.
Thank you so much Cathy, this was such a great giveaway
I had a very busy weekend and I'm still tring to get things caught back up.
Saturday was a long day! At 10:00 I attended a Baby Shower for my Great Niece
Abigail Darlene
In my last post I showed the baby photo frame that I made her. But I want to show you some pictures from the shower because, well you will see, the pictures speak for them selves
These 6 babies are 2nd cousins and all born with in the last
7 months 
 My niece Chrissy & Abigail are second on the left
My niece Courtney & Amaya are second on the right
My nephew's wife Nikki & Cruz are on the end right
There is a 7th second cousin that was born 2 days before this picture was taken.
Oldest to youngest
So after the shower was over I went home for a couple of hours and did some stitching. Then I get ready for a wedding that my son was a groomsmen in and I took the wedding pictures for the happy couple. I am not a professional by any means but I do enjoy playing with the camera at happy events.
Here are a couple of shot I will share with you.
Heath & Vanessa
The Wedding party fun shot

My son TJ and his girlfriend Heidi ( who was also in the
wedding - she is the grooms sister)
Ok I think that is enough for one post!
I will be back with my pictures of Jolly Jack as soon as my camera gets back home.
In the mean time enjoy you week and
Happy Stitching


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

What a great package you received! All those babies are adorable and the wedding looks like it was fun, too.

Tracey said...

What an awesome giveaway win, congrats! Great photos- what sweet babies!

cucki said...

What a lovely giveaway win..everything is so lovely..
Congratulations to the traveling pattern winner..
Babies are so sweetttttttt xxxx

SoCal Debbie said...

Thanks to your DH for drawing my name! I'm excited to stitch Jolly Jack and pass him on to the next stitcher.

Congrats on your wonderful win from Cathy! She is so generous!

All those babies are adorable! There must have been something in the water. LOL. This reminds me of a photo from the office where I used to work. There were 10-12 women all pregnant at the same time and we posed together. Definitely something in the water there, too!

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