Sunday, June 9, 2013

Quilting and Sewing

Good Sunday Morning!
On Friday I posted that I felt like doing some quilting and that is what I did, but not quilt blocks I made a table topper. I had the majority of it done on Friday. then Saturday morning I put the binding on, now I just have to do the hand sewing on the binding. Her is a couple of pictures of it.

Then yesterday I also made a pillow case for a pillow that I leave on my couch when some one wants to take a nap. Here's a couple pictures of it.

I think it turned out kinda cute. I know I could have just gone and bought one at a store but this was more fun. A couple of years ago I made a pillow case for each of my grandkids. The two boys got John Deere pillow cases and the girls got Disney Pricness. They are really easy to make.

Well the husband just told me I have to go help him grind feed for the cattle :( Not m favorite job. Today will  be a dirty day as we had an inch and a half of rain yesterday so we get to work in mud.

Until next time!
Happy Stitching


gracie said...

Love the pillow case and the quilting. I do not think I would like working in the mud!

cucki said...

I love the pillow case and the quilting :)

Vickie said...

Nice work on both Denise. I hope your dirty work goes quickly today.

Sallyann said...


Lovely quilting and pillowcase (:

sharine said...

Beautiful quilting:)

Penny said...

I love your table topper - pretty fabric! Wish I was that quick in my quilting. :) Love your pillowcase too! My grandmother used to make her own sheets and pillowcases rather than buy them. :)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful work - that quilt is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finishes!

SoCal Debbie said...

The table topper and pillow case look very nice! I'm sure your grandkids love their special pillowcases, too.

Bekca said...

Beautiful quilting work, it looks amazing!
Best wishes.

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