Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stitcher's Questions Part 1

This is part 1 of 20 Stitcher's Questions that Bonnie (Bonnie's World) found on Facebook.

1) Which fabric do you most prefer?
     Belfast linen
2) What is your favorite fabric count?
     32 ct
3) What color fabric do you most enjoy stitching on?
     I don't have a favorite color - I just use what I think will look good with what I am stitching.
4) What is your favorite fiber/floss?
     I have 2 - GAST and DMC
5) How many of the 450 DMC Colors do you own?
     All of them plus duplicates
6) Of your last 5 projects how many used DMC as the main floss?
7) Of the last 5 projects if you didn't use DMC -- what did you use?
     GAST and Crescent Colours
8) What needle do you prefer?
     Bohin 26
9) What is the Ugliest design you've encountered?
     I don't think I have encountered an ugly design, just ones that I don't care to do.
10) What is the most beautiful design that you have encountered?
      That one is easy - I am working on it right now, it is called We Three Kings. But when I think about it next week I will probably have a new favorite.

Well that is the first 10 questions, hope I didn't bore you! My next post will have the last 10 questions.

Off to get some housework done.
Happy Stitching 

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