Sunday, January 19, 2014

Way Over Due Post!!!!!!

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!
I was talking to my daughter the other day and she informed me that I had not blogged in a while. So I figured this morning I would sit down and do a update.

I see I have a few new followers -Welcome and  I hope you enjoy following by blog!

First off I have to say that I have been filling in at another post office since right after Christmas so instead of working Wednesday afternoon for 4 hours and Saturdays for 2 hours I have been working a 40 hour work week. I know poor me, right! It is only temporary and I will be back to my part time hours in about 6 weeks.(I can't wait) This working all the time cuts into my computer time. (I won't let it cut into my stitching time) I am so far behind in my reading of your blogs its not funny!

Since my last update the only thing that I have worked on is my American Flag Quilt Sampler.

This was as of January 1 2014
And this is as of this morning - January 19, 2014
The 2 on the far left bottom need to be back stitched yet. I figured I would get the cross stitching done on that row then go back and do all the backstitching. 

Well not much else to report, so I will go back to stitching.
Hope everyone is enjoying there week end!
I get an extra day of stitching because the post office is closed on Monday for Martin Luther King Jr Day.
Ya Me!

Happy Stitching 


Vicky L said...

Beautiful progress on your American Flag Quilt Sampler. I understand the reasoning behind the lack of computer time and not giving up your stitching time.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Incredible progress on the American Flag Quilt! It's coming along really quickly :D

Linda said...

Wonderful progress Denise. I just watched a blogger stitch this design last year.


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Working full time definitely cuts into the time I'd like to spend doing other things. But like you, I am off work on Monday. Yay! Your flag sampler is really coming along and will be such a great piece when complete!

Carol said...

You're making nice progress, Denise! Enjoy your day off tomorrow... Unfortunately, my library isn't closed so I'll be at work as usual.

Catherine said...

Great progress!!

Bekca said...

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend Denise. Your stitching is looking fab!
Best wishes.

Lillie said...

You've made wonderful progress on your American flag. Hope you get back your normal days soon.

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