Monday, May 12, 2014

Good Morning Everyone!
I hope all you Mom's out there had a great Mother's Day! I know that I did. All of my kids were here to see me and gave me some very special gifts, want to see?
I also got a Zero Gravity Chair, which I did not get a picture of yet. But I did spend some time in it this weekend. They are really comfy!
We have had a lot going on this week 

To start with we have had a lot of calves being born that needed to be tagged, banded and sorted into other lots.

Thursday night our granddaughter, Sharlee had her Preschool Celebration
She is so excited to be going to Kindergarten next year.
 Here is one of the many pictures that I took. She was singing a song and doing hand gestures.

My husband's brother and his wife came from WY for a short visit so lots of visiting with friends and relatives.

Now on to some stitchy stuff!
A Prairie Garden
 more of the boarder done
and the second square of flowers

And the reason I don't have more cross stitching done is because I decided to work on a table runner that I started awhile ago.
I have not got the quilting or backing on yet. I am planning on doing that this week sometime.

And I also spend some time working on my family's Genealogy which I can spend days on end doing. And I do believe that is what I will be doing today also.
So as my Husbands say "I am off in search of dead people"

Have a great week 
Happy Stitching


cucki said...

So sweet
Beautiful stitching
Happy Mother's Day dear x

Annette-California said...

Beautiful treasures from your children. Lovely stitching.
love Annette

Silverlotus said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend. And I love the table runner.

My dad is into genealogy a little bit. He helped me trace back my maternal line so I can stitch Mother's Tree. We are stuck about eight generations back, but I don't want to start stitching until I'm sure that is as far back as we can go.

Vickie said...

I am glad you are well loved. :)
Your table runner is fantastic!

Von said...

Looks like you had a sweet Mother's Day!
Love your table runner

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching, Denise! And that table runner looks great, can't wait to see the end product :D

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