Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weather in the Dakota's

Good Morning Everyone!

How is everyone's weekend going?  Ready for the Super Bowl? I am not a big sports person but I will watch (or listen to it mostly). 

Yesterday I was sitting at my dinning room table playing on my lap top and I looked up and out the window, this is what I saw.
See the squirrel sitting in my bird feeder. This little guy must have know what was coming.
Because ---

Sitting here at my lap top again this morning and this is what I see.
yucky white stuff!!!!

Well on to the more important stuff! 
This week I worked on Woodland Folks and it's looking pretty good I think.
Lots of backstitching in the grass and the log. I am not going to put this one away this week, I would like to get some more backstitching done on it.

when I need to take a break from the backstitching I will work on a new start.
Little House Needleworks  "My House"
I was playing with my stash the other day and this one jump out at me so I found some fabric that would work and the DMC floss. It calls for 3 Classic Colorworks that I didn't have so I am sticking with the DMC.
And this is where I am this morning on it.
I really debated changing the ecru snow to a bright white but in the end decided I like the ecru. So we will see if I like it when it is completed.

I have been playing on ebay this last week and have made some purchases. One thing that I was hoping to win was a Blackbird Design - Rose Garden. But someone went higher than I was willing to go. So I didn't win it and was determined to fine me one. I went  to 123 Stitch and ordered it and the 3 skeins of floss it called for. I purchased the pattern and floss for the same amount that she paid for her pattern on ebay. Sometime ebay is not the way to go.

Well I think its time to get back to my stitching!
Happy Stitching

Me and my granddaughter


Cindy's Stitching said...

Pretty piece it will look amazing when the back stitching is done. I change colors a lot also.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful stitching! Stay warm :D

Linda said...

Your critter stitching is adorable. Great new start.


Barbi said...

I am not crazy about backstitching! But I have to admit, it makes the piece pop when it's done. It's looking great!
Great picture of you and your granddaughter, she's a doll.

Brigitte said...

Oh, I can relate to what you say about the snow. We are also having between 12"-14" right now and I just don't need that.
What lovely pieces you are stitching on. Woodland Walk is so sweet, and a loevly LHN piece.
I can hear you about ebay. I sometimes have to laugh about how much people are bidding on things that are still available in the stores, lol.

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