Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching up

Well my niece told me I needed to update my Blog, so here is what I have been up to lately. Last week I truly didn't get much stitching done, and what I did get done I had to rip out because I forgot a couple of rows of stitching and couldn't fix it with out frogging. I was so frustrated that I put it a way. Another reason I didn't stitch much was I have been trying to organize my floss and take inventory of what I have. What a job that can be. I have found that in my DMC floss I have 6-8 of some of the colors.So I am sharing my extra colors with my sister in hopes that she will cross stitch more with me. Of course she can't replace my favorite niece as Chrissy will always be my #1 stitching buddy!

I am almost done with the DMC floss, I am working on the 900's right now

We had a very busy weekend, lots of family and activities going on.
Our little home town of Trent, SD had there
125th Birthday.
They had a parade on Saturday morning and we had several entries in it.
My mother & father in law in there 54 chevy

My husband driving one of our old tractors my son standing behind him and our grandson

 this is our 50 chevy pulling truck. Our oldest daughter is driving it and
the rest of the grand kids are in the back.

We also had family from Colorado for all the festivity. So on Friday nite when I got back home from visiting some other family members I walk into my living room to find this:
I had 8 kids (ages 2-10) sleeping in my living room.
some are sleeping, some are hiding, and some are posing for the camera.
6 of them are grandkids and 2 belong to my husbands niece.

 Now on a stitching note I finished another Lizzy Kate project, not sure how I will finish finish this piece.

I mentioned at the begining of this blog that I had to do some frogging to do, well I got it all ripped out and stitched properly again. It was on my Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler. In the tree trunk I miss a couple of rows. But I am back at it again. I will post pictures of it later as I have not got a picture taken yet.

I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend
Happy Stitching


Lana said...

I remember sorting through my flosses not too long back also! Doesn't it get crazy?! I love your Halloween piece! and it looks like lots of fun was had for the 125th birthday of your town!

mdgtjulie said...

Congrats on the little finish. It's cute! Love the tractor and trucks in the parade. My brother and dad were in a couple of old car shows with their 55 Chevy and 67 camaro. They're great old cars!! Run like a dream now. Love that pic of all the kids bedded down in the living room. At their age, it's all an adventure!! Glad you had a good weekend with family, but sorry you had to frog. That's no fun!! Can't wait to see your BoaF!

Nancy said...

Oh, small town parades are so fun! So good to have so much family together! Cute halloween finish!

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