Monday, August 8, 2011

Some Progress

Just a couple of quick pics of the progress I made last week on my
BoaF Mystery Sampler

I have not had to do much frogging on this one since my last post.
 So I am hopeing I got rid of him once and for all!

Friday started our Lizzie Kate SAL
and I choose to do the
12 Christmas Blessings.
Here is what I got finished on Friday

This afternoon after I get all my errands done I am hopeing
to get some ornaments made. And then I will post more pics.

Got to get my butt moving so I can get back here to my stitching.

Happy Stitching everyone


Lana said...

Ok, how odd is this?! The last blog I just commented on was showing off their newly finished 12 Blessings piece then I click on yours and you are just starting the 12 Blessings piece!! Both WIP's look great!!

Catherine said...

I need to get my stitching mojo back!! I'm still working on the border of the Mystery Sampler!!

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