Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beautiful Day

Sitting on my deck with a cup of coffee listening to the birds, the trees moving in a gentle breeze, the chickens in the hen house are clucking, and hostein fat calves arrrrrrrrre getting out of there pen as I sit here and watch them. Well so much for relaxing. Off I go to get them back in.

I'm back, with the help of my two big dogs we got them in and hopefully they stay in! Now warm my coffee up and back to relaxing. I love this time of the year, now hot and not cold, just right to sit outside and relax.

Last night I sat and worked on BoaF Mystery Sampler ( I know all three parts are out and I am still working on it) I got all the leaves of the tree done and now I am starting on the boarder.

Monday I finished another of my 12 Christmas Blessings by LK - that makes 4 that I have completed stitching.
this one gave me some problems:
As I started to stitch it the thread I was going to use decided to knot up
grab a new piece of floss and start stitching.
Got the roof and beside the church done, then realized
they were suppose to be stitched in gunmetal not whitewash.
I decided to leave it and frog it later.
After I finished the piece I thought it looked ok so I left it as is.
No frogging!
Oh ya I am 1/2 stitch off and I think it is in the lower left corner.
but you can't tell it.

Here is all four of the stitched Blessings

Well time to get some house work done and them some more stitching.
Happy Stitching


Babs in Alabama said...

Hi Denise! Thought I'd pop over here and see your blog and I love it! I've got you down for giveaway and hope you'll be coming back. I think you've done more on BoaF than I have :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi, returning the following. Love your stitching especially the BoaF.

mdgtjulie said...

Looking good Denise. Keep up the good work!! (And the non frogging.)

Pumpkin said...

Congrats on your finish. If you didn't say anything, I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong or different!

Great progress on the mystery SAL :o)

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