Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time for an Update

I'm not missing just busy! my grandson Trey who just turned 9 years old and is in the 3rd grade has started playing football. He has played two games and I went and watched both of them. Saturday morning was his second game. He is such a cute football player if I do say so.

Sunday found me drinking that great stuff they give you before a colonoscopy.
And Monday morning was my procedure. It took a lot out of me and when
I got back home after it was over I slept most of the day.
Monday night my husband gets home and tells me he bought
5 more baby bottle calves, so now I am up to 15 babys in my barn.
Tuesday I had my little Granddaughter all day so I did not
get to stitch until after supper.

Here are my updates for this past week:

I got a little bit more done on BoaF.

I completed another Christmas Blessing by LK.
That makes 5 done now.

And last night I started Wanted by LK
I love stitching Santa's!
I try to complete at least one every year.

Well I have some more blogs to read and some stitchin I want to do, so
Happy Stitching everyone!

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