Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Thanksgiving Week

Just a quick post before my granddaughter gets here to spend the day.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving! Our meal was on Friday
So the girls could go to there in-laws for the
Thanksgiving day.
Thursday night we left to start shopping for black friday.
we started at walmart and went to Target & Kohl.
The lines were long (45 min wait)but I did get some
good deals and a lot of christmas shopping done!
Our group got home about 3:30, we slept
for a couple of hours and then it was up to get our
Thanksgiving dinner going.

This was the second time that I went Black friday shopping
but I think the girls are going to leave me home next time.
They seem to think I slow them down a little.
It really is not my cup of tea, with the crowds and all.
so it might have been my last.

After our fabulous meal and a short nap, my oldest
Daughter decided we had not shopped enough so back to
Sioux Falls we went this time we went to Hobby Lobby
& Joanne Fabrics. Now this is my kind of shopping.
I got fabric to make fun pillow cases for each of my
6 grandchildren. and stocked up on DMC floss and needles
(the gold plated ones)

I got my tree up and decorated and now I have to go
thru more boxes of decorations to hang and set around the house.
I just love this time of year.

I have not finish finished anything lately but I have some things  to show:
First up is a small christmas ornament, I have showed
the first 3 to this set in a previous post. They are small
but I don't know that I will get all 12 done by Christmas
We will see how things go.
Next Up
I got the blue and white done on Santas beard .
And then I just had to start a new one.
This one is a freebie that I saw on a blog,
This one is almost done just have some of the
candy cane to finish up. I will post where you can
find this pattern when I do my next post as this one
should be done by then.

My granddaughter is here and watching Minne Mouse already.

I just have to share a few more pics of my family:
these were taken on Friday after we ate.
My Husband Terry and 2 of our granddaughters.

My son TJ giving another granddaughter a ride.

and our youngest grandson riding his 3 wheeler.
They all had a blast.

Oh and I forgot this picture
These 3 spent Wednesday before Thanksgiving with me and
they decided they needed a fort in my living room.
They had the dinning room chairs, the couch cushions and
every blanket they could find.

Well I better get to finishing my christmas decorating and spending
some time with the little one here.
Happy Stitching!


Nancy said...

Beautiful stitching projects and wonderful family photos!

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous stitching projects. Great pictures of your family.

cucki said...

wow beautiful stitching..i love all of them so much..
great family pictures.
love for you xx

Catherine said...

Lovely stitches! And oh what fun it sounds like you all had!! The pic of the "fort" brought back memories. I used to do the same thing a very long time ago - taking the kitchen chairs into the living room, using all the blankets, etc.

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