Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Morning

OK Time for an update on my blog.
It's not because I have not been stitching
Because I have been doing plenty of that
its that procrastion thing.
I try and read blogs every morning so that
I can keep up. Then I have to play a
couple of games on facebook and check
my emails. And then I check the time
and my morning is shot.
And I think I will update the blog later or
 even tomorrow.
Well I decided before I read any blogs this morning
I had to do this first.
So Here Goes Nothing!

Weekend before last my daughter and her 3 girls
came and spent some time with us
(they also brought the stomach flu with them thanks girls)
so Monday and Tuesday DH had it
and I had it Wed - Friday
(ya me, this getting old sucks)
Thank goodness I was feeling better for the
weekend because my niece came home for
a visit ( and it was her mothers birthday)
I didn't get to visit with her as much as I would
have liked but I had to play nice a share her
with every one else that want  to see her.
(Love you Chrissy)

Monday was a sad day! Had a funeral to attend.
A highschool class mate and close friend to our
oldest daughter was killed in a auto accident.
he was 31 and left a wife of less than 6 months and
a 1 year son that he adored.( RIP Gary )

Tuesday was a happier day as I got to spend it
with none other than my
And too many stories on how she made me laugh all day!

on to the stitchie stuff.
This is another Mini cross stitch ornament
from Liesure Arts
stitched on 14 ct white aida
with DMC floss
and I finish the back with white felt

this was a freebie I found when I was
looking around the blogs.
All the information was in a different
language except for the DMC colors I needed
The orginal design was not back stitched
but i thought it made my snowman stand out more.

And last but not least I am still working on
stitching up my Biscornu.
I will complete this one before I start another
christmas ornament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This material is actually white not blue as the
picture looks ( damn lighting)
Not much left if I would just sit and stitch on it!
And I am planning on having it completed
tonight! I am thinking I will add a few beads
to this one.
Ok well if I want to get some stitching done I
better get this posted, do some reading of my
blogs and maybe a couple of loads of laundry done.
Enjoy the rest of the week
Happy Stitching


cucki said...

hello dear, so glad that you are feeling better sorry to hear the sad news of your friend's daughter.this is truly very sad..she is in my prayers and thoughts..i am sending lots of love and hugs to your friend.
your stitching is looking so sweet..cute ornament and sweet snowman.
keep for you xx

Lesleyanne said...

Your stitching is looking great. Sending condolences. Hope you are feeling much better. Your morning routine sounds very similar to mine.

Penny said...

Ugh, the stomach flu ~ glad you are feeling better!
I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's friend, such sad news.
Your ornaments are sweet! The snowman looks pretty jolly. :) I love the thread color on your biscornu.

Lana said...

Your stitching is gorgeous! Love the finishes! Your biscornu will be finished soon! Love the blues in it!

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