Thursday, March 22, 2012

TUSAL, & Not that much stitching this week!

First up is a picture of my orts for the Month of March.
The doily  that they are sitting on was made by me quite a few year ago. It is the only hardanger that I have done. Its not that I didn't like doing it, I just love doing cross stitch better.

I haven't done much stitching this past week and I think it is because I told myself I had to finish Enchanted Alphabet before I could go on to something else. Well I just am not into finishing it, even thought it is so close to being done. And my weekend was packed with family stuff. Friday morning my niece had a baby girl and named her Amaya ( I made a bib with her name on it - picture in last post) Friday night my DD1 had a Pampered Chef party that I went to and DD2 and her 3 kids came up from Iowa to spend the night ( no stitching on Friday). Saturday came along and we had a house full. DD2 & I decided to run to town and pick up a few groceries, came out of the store and my car would not stay running. DH came to the rescue and said I had a fuel pump out. So they haul it to the shop to get worked on.  Got it back on Tuesday. I hate being with out my car. Any way back to my week end. Saturday night we attended a wedding of some friends of ours and did not get home until after 11:00 pm (no stitching on Saturday). On Sunday DD1 came out with her kids and we did some sewing. Not stitching but sewing. See she got the gift card to the local quilt shop and she spent it on these cute Cupcake Potholder pattern and material so she made one and I worked on a countertop ironing mat so that I don't have to pull out my ironing broad for my little ironing jobs. I forgot to get a picture of my daughters cupcake potholder that she made but I did get a shot of my ironing mat.

Sunday night the kids were still here for super so DH & I made lobster  tail and steak for supper. Oh boy did we stuff ourselves. It was so good. ( we even got to have leftovers on Monday night). Monday night after we ate supper we had a Insurance meeting with our agents (no stitching monday night) and Tuesday I had to get ready for out Equalization Meeting for the township, which was Tuesday night (no stitching on Tuesday ) By now I am going thru withdrawal. So Wednesday morning first thing (after I got DH off to work) I go in search of something to stitch. I found an Easter ornament by The Trilogy, found my supplies and sat down and started on it. I had been working on it about 1/2 hour and someone came walking in my house. It was DD1 with Sharlee. DD1 forgot to tell me that she didn't have daycare that day and I needed to babysit. There went my plans for the day. Oh well could have been worst. So between yesterday and today here is my progress ( I have my granddaughter again today)
Easter Spots by The Trilogy

Well blogger won't let me share anymore pictures with you so tomorrow I will share the rest with you.

Happy Stitching everyone.


lesli said...

Great TUSAL update! LOVE that hardanger you made...I must give that a try!

Krista said...

Hi Denise,
I love your Easter stitching, seems like you did get some stitching...and sewing done! What a cute bunny!

Also, I am passing on some love to you, a 'liebster' blog award, when you have a chance check it out at my blog.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely orts. Your easter stitching looks great.

Daffycat said...

Out ogling ORTs. These are fantastic!

Penny said...

What a pretty hardanger doily. Love the ironing mat too. That's a sweet little Easter design. :)

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