Saturday, April 28, 2012

Farm Life

Well not much stitching has been done by me these last couple of days. Busy with grandkids and stuff in general.
This next week will a fun week for me. I will have Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday to myself and then on Thursday I leave (with my sister, niece & great niece ) for Pella, Iowa for there Tulip Festival. My sister & I went last year and had a great time and seen alot of beautiful tulips and of course spend time with my super sweet niece.

In my last post I mentioned something about spring time on the farm so I got a couple of pictures to show:
Here are 2 of the calves that were born last Sunday

Sharlee loves the new baby chicks that I got.

If she could she would have spent the whole day in there
holding the babys

This last picture was taken on Thursday. I watched both my grand daughter, Sharlee and my great niece, Amaya. So ofcourse I had to get some pictures of the girls together.

Sharlee & Amaya
Sharlee loved holding her as long as Amaya didn't cry.

The rest of the afternoon is mine so I think I will get some major stitching done and watch a couple of movies that I have been wanting to watch.

Have a great stitching weekend everyone


Lesleyanne said...

Great pictures. Hope you have a lovely time with the Tulips and get lots of stitching done this week.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Baby farm animals are just the best! Little Sharlee is a doll and looks so pretty holding beautiful Amaya!

weustygirl said...

soounds like a perfect weekend ahead for you. Hope you enjoy it. Springtime on the farm is always gorgeous, thanks for sharing your photos with us.

Catherine said...

Spring on the farm! You should stitch the Jenny Bean Spring on the Farm pattern!
The girls are so cute!!

Penny said...

Baby farm animals are so sweet! And what a cute picture of the girls together! :)

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