Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whooo's there

This morning I was awaken ( at 5am, no less) by a lot of racket coming from my kitchen. I thought that maybe my DH had gotten up early and was making coffee, but the noise continued. So I got out of bed and went to investigate and to my surprise  this is what I found.

My DH laughed at me because I made him wait to catch the owl so that I could get pictures to prove to everyone that we really had one in the house.
I have no idea how this owl got into our house, I have checked every window and the door was shut tight. This is the second time we have had an animal in our house. The first one was a squirrel. It was in our house for about 2 weeks before we found out what it was. We would come home from work and find any number of things knock over or mini blinds laying on the floor. It finally got itself stuck behind the bookshelf and again DH came to the rescue and grabbed it and put it back out side where it belonged. The funny part about it was that when it first started we put the blame on our children and that they must have been rough housing around. Of course they denied it and said it was that way when they got home form school. Boy did we have to apologize to them after we realize it was not them.

This will remain a mystery for the time being.
Well back to my stitching, I started a Christmas ornament and will post an update on it later.
Happy Stitching


Vickie said...

Holy smokes!! My daughter LOVES owls, but that... that would freak all of us out! Hooray for your husband. :) Attic or basement is where I would guess?

Anonymous said...

Wow that must have been a surprise for you!
I love owls and I've only ever seen one!

happy stitching!

dulcinella said...

Very sweet of DH to wat before taking it out:-) I love owls,but not flying around in a house. We once had a bat in the kitchen and never undstood how it got in the house. But someone told us they only need a very small opening to get in.

Rhona said...

Wow, he looks awesome....but better outside than in your kithen! Hope you can find how he managed to get in.

mdgtjulie said...

How amazing is that. I love owls, and I think it would be cool to have one in the house. He's gorgeous. Of course, not fun getting him to go back outside. I suppose you could have fed him raw meat to catch him! Nothing exciting ever happens to me Can't wait to see your ornie!!

Veronica said...

I thought this was pretty cool. I've never seen a real owl before and to find one in your house! Quite the surprise you must have had.


Lana said...

Do you feel like you're running a wildlife hotel?! LOL...I would freak out!!! It's kinda cool, though!

Catherine said...

Very cool and bizarre at the same time! Are you hiding a small boy named Harry Potter under your stairs? ;)

Bekca said...

I'm glad you managed to get some pictures! What a beauty. Do you have a chimney? We once had a squirrel come down ours.
Best wishes.

Melissa said...

This is priceless. We once had a squirl in the house too, brave little soul. most of the time he'd just come up onto the back deck and scream at us... as if he owned the place. Anyway we often leave the back door open on nice days and this one day he found his way inside... when I turned around in the pantry door way there he was acting as if he owned the place yet again before promptly scuttling away when I started to move towards him haha. Animals are too cute!!!

stitcheranon said...

Wow...that is kindda,so lucky xxx And lucky you managed to catch it.

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