Monday, August 27, 2012

Back from a Camping Trip

I need too get caught up on everything that has been going on since I last posted on the 17th.
First thing is I won a giveaway from Barbara over at To Stitch or Not To Stitch. Her give away  was to celebrate 500 followers. It came in the mail the day I left on my camping trip so I finally got a picture to show you all the great stash I got.
Barbara - to stitch or not to stitch
500 follower giveaway
Thank you Barbara for all the great stash!
I not only won Barbara's giveaway I also won a second giveaway  from
LaDonna at Branch Needlework.
She notified me on Tuesday the 21st that I had won. And I sent her an email back with my snail mail address, so as soon as that comes in I will get a picture and show you what I got.
As for what else I have been up too is our annual family camping trip to Historic Prairie Village.
They have a lot of old time stuff there, like old buildings, machinery, old steam engines, lots of old tractors, a huge flee market. Speaking of flee markets I was walking around looking at all the stuff and guess what I came across. Yep someone was selling cross stitch material and kits. I picked out a bunch of fabric and 3 patterns. As I was checking out I was talking to the lady and she said her mother use to stitch alot but was in a bad car accident and was unable to do it anymore. I spent just about 50 dollars on the stuff I bought and after I got it home saw the store tags were on most of it and added it up and it was actually worth about $150.00. that was quite a saving for me.
Here's what I got:
7 pieces of 28ct jobelan in different colors
1 white 25 ct Lugana
1 Ivory 2ct Salem coth
1 Ivory 22ct Damask Hardanger
1 Lavender & lace Pattern (Angel of the Sea)
1 Stormy Night (pattern)
1 towel kit with Pansy pattern
2 heart shaped dolies
Lots of Stash for a little bit of money - I like that!
I stitched one afternoon while we were camping so I don't have any stitching to show just yet.
This morning I had a doctor appointment and this afternoon I spent cleaning out the camper and doing more laundry. Hopefully I can sit and stitch for a while tomorrow. I really need to get a baby gift done before I can work on anything else. 
Well until next time
Happy Stitching


Vickie said...

Wow! Denise you have been very blessed! What a find you made!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Awesome prize you won! I would love to find all that good stash at a flea market! Lucky you!

Mary Ann said...

What a wonderful prize you won! And, what a great bargain you found at the flea market!!

Catherine said...

Congrats on your fabulous wins!!

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