Monday, December 17, 2012

Final TUSAL for 2012

When I did my last post I forgot about my TUSAL update
so as I was reading and catching up on my blog reading
and see eveeryone elses TUSAL I figured I better get my picture taken and posted.

Most of the colors in my dish are from working on Abigails birth sampler.
The christmas bulb with the 2012 written on it has all of my orts form this year in it
so we start saving again. Here is a picture of all 4 bulbs that I have done.
We went to a craft show last week and the girls had to have these,
Kyla, Kacee, Kynzie modeling there tutu's and
 matching head bands
This picture was also taken at the craft show we attended.
This is me and my bff, we have been friends
since we were in the 3rd grade.
Well it's about time for me to get ready  to go to work at the post office for the afternoon, so until next time
Happy Stitching


cucki said...

aww such a sweet post.
love for you all x

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh what a great idea to put the year on your ORT Christmas bulbs! I'm going to be a copycat!

Katy said...

Love your ornaments! I made my first one this year!

Jane said...

Love the bauble idea, I bet they look really pretty hanging under the christmas lights.

Melinda said...

Your Christmas Bulbs have convinced me. Must do this in 2013.

Best friends since 3rd grade, now she has to be someone you can trust with your heart and soul. SO WONDERFUL

Mary said...

Love the ORT ornaments! Great idea!

Cole said...

Great ORTs!

Dianna said...

I too love the ornament ideas. I may just have to copy it a little bit, I am hoping to have a lot of thread by year's end to show for all the work I plan to do.

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