Thursday, December 27, 2012

We Three Kings

This is a quick post to ask if any one out there has stitched We Three Kings by Glendon Place. I have the pattern, material, DMC floss and beads all kitted up. Now the question is did you stitch all the DMC first then go back and stitch the Kreinik or would it be OK to use the Kreinik as you are stitching the DMC colors. I have never done a project this large with so much Kreinik thread and beads and I am just looking for some advice before I get started on it.

Sorry I don't have any updates to show, I figured I have only stitched a little over a thousand stitches the whole month of Dec so far. Not so good when I usually do about 300-400 every day normally

I have over 300 blogs to read and get caught up on, so I may be at the computer for a while today.

Hope every one had a great Christmas!
Happy Stitching


Astrid's dragon said...

I haven't done this one, but have used Kreinik with DMC before. I'm no expert, but I just use them together and save the beading for last.

I feel for you, I finally caught up with my blog reading - one day at a time!

April said...

I am still trying to catch up with my blog reading... I hope you have a wonderful New Years!!!

Mary said...

I usually work the metallics as it comes up, but save beading until last. Can't wait to see your progress as you stitch this one!
Happy New Year!

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