Friday, April 12, 2013

Where did SPRING go!

Good morning everyone and welcome to my new followers!
We started seeing the signs of spring - the grass was starting to green up, buds on the trees and then this happened :(
10 inches of the white stuff, some places got an inch of ice before the snow came. We got some ice but not an inch. We didn't loose any trees or power to the house. Some people have been out of power for 3 days.
And of course it never fails when it storms in the spring the cows start calving. Thank goodness we only had one cow that calved during storm. Lucky us.

Now for stitchy stuff!
I have been stitching more this past week. This is what I have been working on. I started it in January and then set it aside. I had the house just about done and the snow done. the rest I have accomplished this week.

Poinsettia House by LHN

Quick up date on Honey, she is all healed up and as active as ever, but this worry wart mom still kinda keeps a watchful eye on her.

Well this post is short and sweet. I an now off to get some stitching done, because I have Sharlee my granddaughter this afternoon, so not much stitching while she is here.


cucki said...

Oh dear still so much snow..
Sweet stitching..
Sending you big hugs x

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely update on the LHN chart! Hope the snow won't last too long & melt away quickly x

Vickie said...

Wow! Yuck! What weather. The picture is pretty though.
Pretty stitches.
Glad Honey is good.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

That's a beautiful, snowy picture but enough is enough! Glad Honey is doing well. Poinsettia House is coming along nicely; I love the red in the house!

Poppy said...

Hello Denise

All that snow - it's very pretty though.
Glad your doggy is feeling better.
Poinsettia house looks beauitful!
Have a good weekend

Sarah in Stitches said...

Oh wow, look at that snow! It's already so hot over here, and we had a major sandstorm last weekend. Great stitching, too! The house in your stitching looks just like your real house, surrounded by snow :D

Linda said...

Maybe you'll get all the snow this year and none next. Great stitching and glad to hear Honey is all better.


Catherine said...

Such a beautiful picture ~ but enough winter already!! You'll have to share a pic of the new calf! Maybe it's name should be Blizzard!
Love your stitches.
So glad Honey is all ready to go ~ I can certainly understand your feeling for a watchful eye.
Hope you enjoyed your granddaughter time!

Barb said...

All that snow must be depressing but that's a very cute stitch!

Claire said...

Hope you get some sun soon

diamondc said...

Love Honeys picture great pose for the camara.
LHN are such adorasble patterns.
Thank-you for being a follower.

Nancy M said...

Love the LHN piece! I hope all your snow is gone now. We are getting records breaking rain right now! It would be nice just to have a week of sun and 60's right now!

Kevin said...

Your Santa's Village piece looks great! My charts, threads and fabric for those are still here untouched. I need to spend less time on the iPad and more time STITCHING. lol!

Glad Honey is ok. She looks like a cutie. Too bad you're not closer - my Seamus would love your Honey! Have a good weekend.

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