Friday, January 9, 2015

Woodland Enchantress

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

Well I have only one update for you today.
Last week while I was reading blogs I seen someone was working on Woodland Enchantress and was reminded that I had that one in my WIP so I went in search of it. And that is what I worked on all week. This is a picture of where I left off back in 2011.

Where I left off July 2011

And this is as of last night.
I put in about 2300 stitches
And a little closer look at my progress

This one will be put away again for a while and I will bring back out  Woodland Folks - Which is going to be a baby sampler for my great nephew. I will work all week on it and update you on my progress next Friday

I leave you with a picture that I took of my granddaughter on Sunday, we were watching the ATV ice races at the lake.


Have a great weekend (mine starts today)
Happy Stitching


llknbillburg said...

Wonderful progress! And your grand is darling!! Laura

Honeybee said...

Morning! Just stumbled across your blog and googled Woodland Enchantress. That's a beautiful project! I also noticed we've stitched some of the very same Christmas ornaments! :O)

Katy said...

Great progress!

Linda said...

Wonderful progress this week Denise.


Barbi said...

How nice to resurrect an old project and make it new again. And you've made great progress! Your Granddaughter couldn't be any cuter!

Annie said...

Your stitching is absolutely gorgeous, and you've made wonderful progress!
Your granddaughter is adorable:)

Sarah in Stitches said...

Beautiful progress! You managed to get quite a lot done :D

Mary Ann said...

Great progress on the piece, and your granddaughter is so cute--I love her hat!!

P.J. said...

Wow that's a lot of stitches. Love the rich colors. I have not seen the Woodland Enchantress...I think I will keep it a surprise by watching your progress. Definitely a too BAP for me. Hehehe.

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