Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Well the water is going down but the basement is still half full of water. We won't be able to move back in until the water is gone and the basement is cleaned and furnace is replaced. We have been staying with my mother & father in law this past week and I am ready for a new home. they really get on my nerves. I hide out and try to get some stitching done, but they are like a bunch of kids and usually need me to do something for them. ( I wonder who does this stuff for them when my husband & I aren't around?) I was reading some other blogs yesterday and saw were someone had stitched a flower and put it on a small red flower pot and made a pin cushion. So I went to Micheals last night and got a couple of small flower pots and started stitching a flower ( i even found the same flower in a magazine that I had just gotten in the last month or so) Thanks for the good idea! Will post some pictures when I get it completed. Until next time. HAPPY STITCHING Denise

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