Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's Time to finish the Birth Sampler

Well my daughter had her last baby ( my granddaughter) June 29th 2009. We were all excited to find out she was a girl ( we have 2 grandsons). From the time I found out what she was having I was going through all my books and stash to find the perfect Birth Sampler. I did find a lot but none that my daughter liked. Then one day as we were shopping she found one she loved, it was from Stoney Creek collection called Guardian Angel Birth Sampler. One downfall was that it was charted with Anchor floss and I only use DMC, so I had to convert all the colors first before I got started. It was the first week in April of 2010 and I had good intentions to have it completed by her 1st birthday. Ya that never happened, not that I didn't try.The first month I went wild with it and got a lot done, my daughter was really impressed. Her first birthday came and went and I started and finished other projects. Its time to put everything away and work on this until its completed. And it will be finished and framed by her second birthday. I am posting a picture and as you can see I have to put her name and date and weight on the top and finish back stitching the angels dress and the back stitching the little blue bird. Oh and put her halo on her.
Sorry the picture is not the greatest, but as you can see I have completed quite a bit since I last post a picture of it (to the Left side of my blog). The verse on top says


I feel like a bad grandma for not having this done sooner! Well I am off to bed, we have a busy weekend ahead of us. My middle daughter and her 3 step daughters are here to spend some time this weekend. And with her 3 kid and my other daughter's 3 kids we have a house full. ( there ages are 9, 8 , 7, 5, 4, & 2) Oh what fun we have!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
Happy Stitching


mdgtjulie said...

Grats on all the great progress!! I love the birth sampler; it's soooooo pretty!!! Can't wait to see your finish!!

Denise said...

Oh my goodness - you are NOT a bad grandma. What a wonderful piece for your granddaughter!! The simple fact you made it for her means she'll love it all the more. It's beautiful!

Now - you have 6 grandkids coming at one time? (Deep breathing) Wow - hope you have plenty of cookies! Have fun.

Catherine said...

Congrats to your daughter!! Your piece for you new granddaughter is so sweet! Enjoy your full house!!

Nancy said...

That sampler is beautful! Congratulations to your daughter on her new addition and to you the proud grandma!

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