Tuesday, January 3, 2012

CJC days 1 &2

January 1st found me a little under the weather and I stayed in my pj's all day and did nothing but watch Harry Potter movies, slept, and did a little stitching when I could keep my eyes open. So here is day one. Cappuccino from LHN.
and my progress
I am not sure I like the color of the cup yet. it kinda
blends in with my fabric that I picked out.
The floss pack came with the design.

January 2 I had to work at the Cattle Sale Barn all day and then my DD#1 and I went and had supper together. (No husband this week he is in WY snowmobiling with his buddies) I got home about 7:00pm, showered and put fresh smelling clothes on and managed a few stitches in my next new start.

Day 2
and my progress
This one is called Morning Star by Blackbird Designs

I have not done any stitching for day 3 yet. I wanted to get my blog updated and to catchup on some of my blog reading. I also have managed some house work all ready this morning and need to run to town and get some errands done. Then I plan on sitting and stitching the evening away.
I hope everyone is enjoying there stitching time!
Until tomorrow with another update.


Lesleyanne said...

Great new starts for your challenge. I hope you are feeling better.

Sarah said...

Two lovely starts I have not seen the Cappucino before and like it very much. Can't wait to see what will be number 3.

cucki said...

I hope u are feeling better now,,
Great start..
I love them so much..hugs cucki xx

dixiesamplar said...

Lovely starts...and hope you are feeling better soon! Everyone seems to be starting off the new year with a touch of something nasty.

SoCal Debbie said...

I had a project with Ecru that blended into the fabric too, so I will have to backstitch that part. Your Morning Star for day #2 looks very nice! Feel better soon!

Mary Ann said...

Very lovely starts! I hope you are feeling better.

Shelleen said...

Hope you feel better. You made good progress on your starts.

Catherine said...

Love both of your starts! Hope you are feeling better.

lesli said...

Beautiful starts!! I really like the cappuccino pattern!!

Hope you're feeling better soon!!

Penny said...

Two lovely starts! Morning Star is so pretty!
Hope you are on your way to feeling better soon.

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