Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Exploding Pens

I hope this is not what the rest of the week will be like!
Started out washing the DH's work clothes yesterday morning, did his jeans, threw them in the dryer. Washed his tees and underthings threw them in the dryer - went to take them out of the dryer an found that my DH had left a blue ink pen in his pocket and it had exploded in my new dryer (8 months old). I just sat there and cried!!!!!! Oh the things that went through my head. I thought my dryer was ruined - so after I collected my thoughts I went to my computer and googled ink stains in the dryer. There were lots of ideas and I decided to try one that said to heat the dryer for a few minutes and use finger nail polish remover on a old cloth. It Work!!! It took me most of the afternoon to scrub it out because of the smell. Thank goodness the weather was super out yesterday so that I could have the door open for fresh air. One more disaster bites the dust and we are back to doing laundry as normal.

My last posting I showed a pic of an old WIP called Enchanted Alphabet. I now know why I put it aside. I found some counting errors as I was working on it. So I thought about it, worked on it, and decided not to frog any of it and fudged my way around it. I really don't think anyone will notice because of the spaces between the letters. And I will post a picture of it next time I post, maybe I will be done with it by then. All I have left of it is a lttle bunny, a bird and a butterfly.

I also got another circle done on Metamorphosis, but again no picture. I am thinking this one will be my 3rd finish for 2012. I need to all decided which ornament I want to do for the month of Feb. I think I might do two ornaments - 1 for Valentines day and 1 for Christmas.

Speaking of February my oldest DD is having a birthday this year! Thats right she was a leap year baby. We give her a bad time and tell her she is only 8 years old (she will really be 32) She has had a lot of fun with this thru the years of growing up.

Well I need to read a few more blogs and get some more laundry done. And of course the a few stitches in !

Happy Stitching everyone


cucki said...

hope you have a lovely day deary..
big hugs cucki xx

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Glad the drier was able to be cleaned up! I am all for making do rather than frogging whenever possible!

Catherine said...

Oh what a mess! Thank goodness you got it cleaned!
Happy Birthday to your daughter!

SoCal Debbie said...

The same thing happened to my dryer with a pen. The internet is so helpful for emergencies just like this one!

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