Saturday, June 9, 2012

Progress Report & She Has a Name

Hello everyone! Its a warm one here today. I got up early this morning to get all my chores done while it was cool out. Fed & Watered the dogs and chickens. Finished mowing the yard. Washed DH's work clothes and hung them on the clothes line. Did my supper dishes from last night. Then went to town and got my groceries and was home with the everything put away by 10:00. Then sat on the deck for awhile and watched my dogs play.
Our 3 year old - Sonny and our new addition
6 weeks old - Honey Bear
Thats right we named her Honey Bear but will just call her Honey for now. She is a red heeler. She is getting use to being crated when we are unable to watch her, and does not wince so much anymore.

I can not believe it but I did not get on my computer at all yesterday. No Facebook, No Pinterest, No games, and no Blogger. I am making up for it this afternoon. Already been on here for about 3 hours and still have more to read.

Yesterday I got a lot of stitching time in,(beings I wasn't on the computer) so I need to show you my progress on BoaF.
My last update on this piece was 9/14/2011
Birds of a Feather Mystery sampler
by Brenda Gervais

From my last update I had only done the top line of the alphabet. And now I only have X,Y,&Z left to do. Got the little hill done and started on the house. Planning on getting the house done today, then we will see how I feel from there. 

Sharlee in the puppy crate
Her brothers had hauled the crate down to the garden hose and rinsed it out and when they brought it back to the house they had Sharlee in it. She was having fun going for a ride in it.

Well I thing it time to put a few stitches in.
Have a great weekend everyone


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely stitching. Great pictures.

Catherine said...

Great stitches! Cute pups ~ love the name Honey! Looks like Sharlee was having fun!!

Vickie said...

Nice progress on BoaF. Cute pic of Sharlee. I love the name Honey Bear.

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is lovely.

The new puppy is so sweet and looks like your other doggy likes her.
Great pic of Sharlee in the crate!

mdgtjulie said...

I think Honey Bear is a cute name. Glad she's not whining as much. I hate when Vin does that. Means he's not happy, and I don't like it. Great progress on BoaF. It's looking good. Keep up the good work, and you'll have it finished soon. After all, you're more than halfway I think!! Just some border and the house, right?

dulcinella said...

The dogs look adorable and honeybear is such a sweet name. Your stitching looks great! Very delicate and beautiful.

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