Friday, June 29, 2012

I am Back!

Life is back to being a little bit like normal.
Normal, what is normal any more?

I really had a great weekend, lots of friends and relatives.
Thursday night we picked up 2 second cousins from the airport.
I stayed with both Ivar & Erling when I visited Norway in 1993
The other 2 in the picture are my aunt and cousin.

We spent time sitting around talking and laughing.
We showed them our farm and let them drive our old tractors and our bigger tractors
Ivar driving

Erling driving the 4850.

Then on Saturday night they went and watched my husband at a tractor & pickup pull which they had never seen done before. And on Sunday we had a family picnic, lots of good food and lots of pictures taken.

My husband , my oldest daughter and granddaughter
Oldest family member (88 years old)
Youngest family member (3 months)

Nephew Kyle, BIL Duane & Nephew Craig
(Chrissy I put this one on here for you)

On the stitching front there has not been much, Tuesday I started this LK ornament and finished it last night.

I had done 7 of them last year
I have 4 left to do and hope to have all 12 hanging on my tree this year.

Well thats about all for now,
 I have to get ready and go meet my Aunt in Sioux Falls for lunch
and catch up with her.
Everyone stay cool, its really hot here in SD
Happy Stitching

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Time with family is so special!!!!

What a lovely ornament finish! Congrats.

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