Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stitching Update

I took these pictures on Tuesday morning and meant to post them right away but didn't.
So here they are......
Poinsettia House
Started 11/24/12
 I have a little bit more done on the Poinsettia House as I have worked on it since this picture was taken.
Updated picture of
Abigail's birth sampler
Today I am putting up christmas decorations around the house, so won't be stitching until this evening.
Short and Sweet post!
Happy Stitching


Mii Stitch said...

Nice updates! I want to put my Christmas decorations up too!!! DH said we put them up when we put the tree... As we're having a real tree this year we might wait a bit otherwise it won't have any needles left by the time Christmas comes...So not fair :)

cucki said...

So pretty..
Very lovely stitching
Love cucki x

SoCal Debbie said...

What kind of floss are you using for your Poinsettia House? The birth sampler is adorable!

Mary said...

Pretty color for the house. This is in my to-do list one of these days! The birth sampler is really precious!

Mary Ann said...

Nice progress! I love the floss color on the Poinsettia House.

Rcj176 said...

Hope you were able to get your decorations finished last night. I have added your blog to the blog list on my brand new cross stitching blog. Had to start one yesterday as my main blog was clogged...ha! lots of rhyming! Anyhow stop by some time!

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