Friday, October 5, 2012

I Just Love Fall !!!!!!

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers!
And Welcome to my  New Followers!
Oh this is my favorite time of year! Cool in the mornings and 60's in the afternoon. Love it!
Not a lot going on around here this week, just still working on getting my car in good running condition. Its a 10 year old car (buick park ave) and I hate to get rid of it but, its starting to cost us money! I love the smooth ride and the roomyness (is that a real word?) I guess I will keep it a little longer and see what happens.
5 days until I live for our weekend stitching retreat in Lake Shetek in MN. It is always so much fun visiting with the ladies. This year will be different for me because I have always taken either my daughters or my niece or both with me to retreat. This year it will be just me driving up there to visit with the 39 other attendees. Can't wait! I have been trying to decide what I want to take with me to work on. I may end up taking a couple of my CJC 2012 projects with me and working on them.

Since my last update on Sunday I have gotten quite a bit of stitching done.
I worked on Abigails baby Sampler and here is my progress.
Sorry about the picture being so light I tried all different way to it it show up better but they all turn out this way kinda washed out look. The pink and purple are quite bright in person. And some of the light blue that I have done doesn't even show up.
I have put about 1120 stitches into it since Chrissy gave it to me to work on for her.

Like most of you I can't seem to work on one thing at a time. The other day I was looking at my Crazy January Challenge 2012 list and realized that I have not got that many completed yet. Out of 15 new starts in January I have only completed 4, and 1 that is 3/4 done. So I decided that I need towork on some of them for a while so I pick out one for the season. Its called Harvest Hand Towel.

This is what it will look like when finished!
106 Stitches completed on 1/15/2012
This was as of yesterday afternoon and I have added
more stitches to it last evening.
Total of 1002 stitches in the last 3 days.
Well that is about it for me today.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Happy Stitching


Mii Stitch said...

Wow, I bet you must be looking forward to this retreat!!! Can I join you??? Sadly, a bit too far ☺ Love the progress, keep it up!!!

Melinda said...

That is so wonderful - your stitchers weekend, 39 other stitchers, oh the projects you will see, the stuff you may learn.. Awesome.

I have read many posts lately concerning the 2012 Crazy Challenge - do you know if there will be one for 2013, and is it an open challenge. It sounds so much fun

Nancy said...

Oh, your upcoming retreat sounds wonderful! Nice progress on your WIP's!

cucki said...

lovely progress on your wip's....
i love fall too..
hugs xxx

Carolyn @ The Baseball Stitcher said...

Oh, the retreat sounds wonderful!! Fall is my favorite time of year, too. We actually have snow flurries in the forecast today although I haven't seen any yet.

I'll be driving right by you on Monday... (I recognized the name of the town you are in.) My daughter is at SDSU and hubby and I are heading up for a visit since she has the day off! 3 hour drive and we usually stop in Sioux Falls for a little shopping on the way home.

Have a great weekend!!

Cathy Pavlovich said...

Nice stitching, Denise! Have fun at your retreat.

SoCal Debbie said...

Oh you are so lucky to go on a stitching retreat! Your pumpkin towel looks great!

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