Monday, October 8, 2012

Something New!

I figured I would do a quick blog this morning,
I need to show you what I got on Saturday in the mail.
I found this on ebay and could not resist it!
my other scissor frog was small and couldn't hold any more scissors.
This one matches the dishes that I collect.
Love, Love Love it!!!!
The other thing that I got is - I ordered the pattern
Home of a Needleworker from LHN.
I have seen a number of other bloggers that have done this
one and thought it would look lovely in my living room. 
This morning I am going to be running errands and picking up last minute things for our stitching retreat.
Tomorrow will be spent packing and organizing my stuff to take with me and Wednesday morning making treats to take with me.
Saturday I never picked up my stitching we were busy and on the go most of the day.
First I went to my grandson's last football game. They won Ya C-E Hawks.
Then went shopping with DH and DD1. After I got home I did some laundry and took a short nap. Then in the evening we went to my nephew's 30th birthday party and visit with some great friends and relatives.
Sunday was spent at home. Playing on the computer, managed to get a few loads of laundry done  and then did some stitching, then some frogging and restitching. but I managed to get some done on my harvest towel that I am working on. I was hoping to have it completed before I left for retreat but not sure that will happen. We will see. No picture at this time sorry.
Have a great week everyone
Happy Stitching


Krista said...

Love your new scissor frog, so pretty!! and a nice collection too!
Sounds like it will be a fun retreat, have a great time!

cucki said...

wow it is so lovely...
yup.Sounds like it will be a fun retreat, have a great time,
hugs xxx

Vickie said...

Hooray for you!

Mii Stitch said...

Great ebay find!! Have fun on your retreat!!

Melinda said...

What a great weekend with family. Always great fo finish the Football season with a Win. Have fun on your trip. Your ebay purchase -- excellent

SoCal Debbie said...

The scissors look beautiful! What a great find on eBay! Have fun at your retreat.

Nancy said...

Beautiful scissor frog! Enjoy your retreat!

April said...

So pretty Scissor frog!

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